Golf is considered quite a popular pastime in a wealthy society. An ordinary person, looking at the gameplay from the outside, may think that it is too boring. People in beautiful clothes slowly walk around with clubs and then try to send the ball into the hole. This is not football when you can watch an unusual spectacle in an atmosphere of noise and energy.

A great sports lover, Jacques IV, King of Scotland, bought clubs in 1502. He took up this sport with such passion that the following year he borrowed 42 Scottish shillings from his Grand Lord Treasurer to settle a gambling debt!

On the other side of the border, Catherine of Aragon, the first of the 6 unfortunate wives of Henry VIII, King of England, evokes golf in a letter addressed to Cardinal Wolsey in 1513. But this game really took hold across the Channel in 1603, when James VI of Scotland also became James I of England. This sovereign installed his court, his family, and his «clubs» in London.

The development of the discipline was prominent during the First World War when the world hierarchy redefined itself and the Americans managed to put an end to the hegemony of the British. After the Second World War, the discipline saw the arrival of other nations such as South Africa, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Japan, and Australia and became global at the end of the 20th century. In 2020, there would be approximately ti112 million more or less regular practitioners, as well as a lot of betting golf odds.

Golf odds basics

To understand the basics of the odds and realize which athletes to gamble on, you need to learn the main rules. The rules are quite strict, and in most cases, sportsmen are allowed to use some imagination and their own strategies to win the match.

The essence of the game is to complete all the holes on the field in the least number of strokes. Therefore, athletes have to practice both long shots, which allow them to get from the tee to the green as quickly as possible, and accurate short rolls, which allow them to cover a short distance and hit the target. There are quite a lot of rules combined into several provisions.

Interestingly, in match competitions, each hole is considered a separate element of the competition. One point is awarded for each hole taken. It is from this score that the winner is determined. To win the fight for the hole, you need to pot the ball from the least number of attempts.

Be sure to play all the holes in order. On each playing field, they are numbered from 1 to 9 or 18. Therefore, in competition, athletes must complete them all. Before moving on to the next hole, you must hit the ball into the previous one.

Individuals with a full set of required clubs are allowed to play. The bag with them throughout the game must be with the caddy. You may also ask him for advice on strokes, tactics, and holes. Other participants cannot be asked anything other than the clarification of the rules or the number of points.

It is an exceptionally intelligent and tolerant game, therefore, in addition to the basic rules, there is also an etiquette that must be followed. By the decision of the judges, a player may be penalized a certain number of points in a match for violating etiquette. In addition to the basic rules, there is a certain etiquette. This is not just a set of recommendations that should be followed. For its violation, they can be fined, take away points, or be removed from participation in competitions.


What do betting odds depend on

The odds of golf betting depend on the wide range of outcomes. It is an individual sport, so the bets differ significantly:

Win in a separate stage. Championships consist of several stages, and the total number of participants reaches up to 200. At the start, the favorites do not always confirm their reputation, and the capper has a chance to hit the jackpot by gambling on the «dark horse».

Getting into the leaderboard. Bettors may guess who, following the results of the tournament, will become the winner or will be among the prize-winners.

Which participant is higher on the leaderboard. It is a popular bet in individual sports. Bettors select a pair of athletes, offering to guess which of them will be higher in the rankings at the end of the competition.

Leader among compatriots. Such an outcome may also be found in the line of bookmakers – mainly in majors. Capper predicts which athlete will be the best among the rest of his nation.

Undoubtedly, each gambler wants to bet a little but win a sufficient amount. To do this, they use such types of bets as system and express. If your coupon contains many outcomes for different confrontations, then this deal will be called an express. The coefficients are multiplied by each other, and the bet amount is multiplied by this number.

Naturally, not all of the stakes are winning, but, thanks to the experience and competent distribution of the bank, bettors manage to receive a stable income.

Main golf tournaments in 2023

Traditionally, the Major Tournaments are always on the same dates in the year:

  1. Masters Tournament (2nd Sunday of April): an invitational event which takes place every year in Augusta, in the state of Georgia in the United States;
  2. PGA Championship (3rd Sunday in May): competition organized every year on different courses in the United States;
  3. US Open (3rd Sunday of June): competition organized every year on the different courses of the United States;
  4. British Open (4th Sunday of July): competition organized every year on a coastal course in the United Kingdom!

The modern definition begins in 1934 when the Masters was founded. The only athlete to come close to a grand slam was Ben Hogan in 1953 when after winning the Masters, US Open, and British Open, he couldn’t complete that grand slam at the US PGA. Indeed, the small time gap between the British Open and the US PGA and the state of transatlantic travel at the time made winning the grand slam impossible. Hogan is the only athlete to have won the Masters, US Open, and British Open in the same year.

Tiger Woods also came close to achieving a modern grand slam by achieving a grand slam over two years and becoming the first athlete to hold all 4 major titles.

Only 5 athletes have won all 4 titles in their career (in the modern era), what can be called a career Grand Slam: Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Jack Niklaus, and Tiger Woods. Nicklaus has won at least 3 times each of the majors, Woods at least twice each.
2023 Major Tournament Schedule:

  1. Masters Tournament: April 6-9, 2023 (Augusta National Club, Augusta, Georgia);
  2. PGA Championship: May 18-21, 2023 (Oak Hill Country Club East Course, Rochester, New York);
  3. US Open: June 15-18, 2023 (Los Angeles Country Club North Course);
  4. The British Open: July 20-23, 2023 (Royal Liverpool Club, Merseyside, England)!

The calendar of sports events in the world contains many outstanding tournaments week by week, so the bettors have many options to choose from, as well as many world golf championship betting odds. The geography of the discipline today is quite extensive – the sport is popular on all continents, and each continent has its own tournaments, which are lower in rank than the «majors», but are considered a good step for athletes on the way to serious success.


The 2022 US Open was the third major of the year, and only three athletes have been able to place in the top 10 in each of the top two.


PGA Champion Justin Thomas was one of them, as were Will Zalatoris and Rory McIlroy. Coming so close to failing a major championship may do more than even miss the cut, but McIlroy and Zalatoris will have a few more chances to finish top of the standings.

The tournament is notable due to profitable betting coefficients and the dense arrangement of the leading seniors in terms of strikes and passing, close to the pair. It receives many professional American and English participants.

Latest betting odds Open Golf to win in 2023:

  • Rory McIlroy +1000;
  • Justin Thomas +1000;
  • Scottie Scheffler +1100!

We forecast many outstanding golf betting odds for the Open in 2023!


US Open odds 2023

Today’s US Open is one of the world’s four most prestigious annual championships, part of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. The competition is held by the United States Association in mid-June so that, barring rain delays, its final day coincides with Father’s Day in the United States, which is the third Sunday in June.

The first US Open was held on October 4, 1895, in Rhode Island. It was played over 36 holes on a single day, and 11 participants took part: 10 professionals and one amateur.

The US Open is held on various fields, which are prepared in such a way that their passage is as complicated as possible and participants with good hitting accuracy get an advantage.

What factors can affect the odds

The gambler will need to choose a bookmaker and carry out high-quality analytical work so as not to drain his deposit. Finding infographics isn’t hard, but it’s important to get the data right.

In the process of analysis, the following indicators should be taken into account:

  • Driving Accuracy: the indicator reflects the percentage of successful hits by a sportsman, after which the ball is sent to the working territory.
  • Driving Distance: This shows the average distance the ball travels after being hit.
  • GIR (Accuracy Rating): Around the hole, there is a green area (green), from where it is convenient to complete the draw. The GIR measures how many percent of the play an individual sends the ball to the green in the estimated number of strokes.
  • Putting Average. Putts are shots from the green area that complete the ball into the hole. The lower the putt average, the more experienced the player.

There are other statistical indicators of a sportsman, so professional cappers first study the theory, look at the participants, and then move on to practice.

We recommend betting with such bookmakers, as:

Each company has its own rules concerning accepting bets. It happens that the quotes of bookmaker A will differ significantly from the quotes offered by company B. The same may apply to the rules related to accepting bets, depositing, or withdrawing funds. Carefully study the information provided in order to be able to prove your case in a possible dispute with the bookmaker.

Remember: the bookmaker will make concessions only when it benefits from them. Novices who do not read the rules are easily subject to deception.

It is better to gamble on small tournaments, but in such a case, you need to choose an office with a wide line.

It is worth paying special attention to this aspect in the activity of a bettor. Quotes in the bookmaker are constantly updated and they are regulated by the probability of an outcome, as well as due to a large number of bets (which is commonly called a load).

F.e., an odd of 1.5 during the day may rapidly drop to 1.4. This will be due to the fact that a lot of deals will be made for a particular outcome. It is necessary to underestimate the coefficients in order to reduce the risk of incurring large losses.

The ratio is likely to rise or fall sharply due to the news. F.e., if the favorite was injured a few days before the match – naturally, the outsider betting coefficients will decrease.

Gambling strategies: what to look out for?

There are no specific strategies, so the capper chooses two ways – to be guided by existing general strategies (catching up, martingale) or to focus on analytics. It is necessary to analyze the critical indicators.

Pay attention to player form. Regardless of their previous merit, athletes can be in different competitive forms. Look at the last results of a player – if he “leaked” several tournaments, then a good performance is hardly possible.

Consider statistics within a specific field. The main tournaments are held on the same fields, so the capper is able to get acquainted with the statistics of the performance of athletes on certain fields.

Take weather into account. Worsening weather conditions can spoil the sportsman’s claims to win. There are some fields on the tour where windy weather is possible – such conditions can also shake the players emotionally, so it is important to understand who is more stable psychologically.

Athlete’s experience also plays an essential role. In such a sport, it is the experience that counts, which is why stable, experienced athletes usually win tournaments, even if promising young players are among the contenders.

You need to start your business with a sufficiently large starting capital. It is necessary in order to reduce all possible risks of losing. Don’t use all your capital to avoid the drain of the entire bank deplorably displaying on the financial situation of the player.

While making the first bets, you need to allocate no more than 2% of the bank. Yes, the profit will be small, but at the initial stage, this is not the main thing. You need to gain experience and important knowledge allowing you to make good money in the future. The more experienced the bettor becomes, the more chances he has to win against the bookmaker during the entire playing distance.

To get a stable profit at a distance, you need to develop your own gambling methodology. It is not difficult to develop it yourself, using the strategies we have proposed earlier. For example, a player prefers to bet on football. In the sport, we can observe a lot of very different quotes: from the victory of one of the teams to the number of red cards in the match.

At a distance, the bettor can understand which bets on which outcome bring him the greatest profit. F.e., they can bet on totals or coefficients and calculate the statistics on the passage of transactions. Based on these data, bettors can easily determine the most optimal gambling option for themselves.

Five interesting facts

  1. Golf carts have not always existed. Such transport is comfortable enough to move around the playing area with the necessary equipment. But it was invented not so long ago – in 1948 and was intended only for people with disabilities.
  2. The sport is not just for men. Many still consider the game to be a purely male occupation, but it’s not entirely true. Over 50 years ago, the women’s professional federation allowed tournament participants to wear miniskirts. The first Olympic champion is Margaret Abbott. And the first female player was Mary Stuart, who was the Queen of Scots. The latter even organized her own club.
  3. At first glance, it may seem the number of dimples on the ball is the same, but it is not. F.e., the American version has 336 cavities, while the British one has 330. More often it depends on the ball manufacturer.
  4. The first balls were wooden. To create the first balls, hardwoods were used, such as oak or boxwood. There was such a variant of balls from the 14th to the 17th century. But such material was not very convenient, since they had to be changed often.
  5. One player is also a player. The presence of an opponent in the gameplay is not necessary, you can play alone. You can do all 18 holes yourself if you want.

Key points to remember about betting odds

If you want sports gambling to bring you the desired profit, then you must devote a lot of time to this activity, learning new strategies. Don’t rely only on high coefficients.

To get a stable profit at a distance, a bettor must adhere to a certain strategy, be able to correctly distribute the bank, and be psychologically and financially prepared for a potential loss.

Be careful when using loopholes in the bookmaker – you can get an account blocking with all the funds on the balance sheet.

All-in deals sooner or later lead the player to bankruptcy. Professional bettors recommend making deals on an amount not exceeding 5% of the bank. We advise novices not to cross the threshold of 1%.

You need to work a lot on yourself in order to start receiving a stable income.

How to benefit from high betting coefficients

As practice shows, success in the field of gambling is achieved by former professional or semi-professional players of a particular discipline. Understanding all the intricacies of a particular sport greatly increases the chance of winning a deal. It is important to follow the news and the results of confrontations. You can learn all the nuances only from your own experience, spending a lot of money, and choosing your strategy.

Today, sports gambling has a special place in the lives of many people. The gaming industry is developing together with the number of users thoughtlessly losing their last funds. But is it possible to beat the bookmaker? Yes, but those bettors who manage to get a stable profit are about 10% of the total number of players.

To start earning real money in the field of sports gambling is possible only if you have certain knowledge and experience. It is very important to start making deals correctly, gambling on live golf betting odds, not to take money lightly, and to risk only those means that will not affect your financial situation.