If you go nuts with golf, The US Open tournament will be a perfect option to watch on TV. Exciting matches, famous and respected athletes, as well as the grandiosity of the action is simply amazing. So let’s find out what this event is, how it was created, what features it has, and, of course, how to properly bet on its participants.

In short about US Open

The US Open Championship, today commonly known as the US Championship, is the annual national tournament held in the US. It was founded in 1895, where Horace Rawlins became the first winner. Besides the event i’s the third of four major golf championships and is included officially both in the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

Since the foundation, the competition has been held over 72 holes (which is 4 rounds on an 18-hole field), with the player with the lowest total number of strokes being the winner. It’s arranged every year in June by the American Golf Association. The competition is played on a variety of courses scheduled in a way that makes keeping score very difficult, with an emphasis on driving accurately. The prize money is considered to be a general prize, which changes every year.

Historian background to be mentioned

Actually, the first championship was played in late 1895. It was a 36-hole competition and was played in one day. Ten professionals and one amateur participated.

As we have already said, the winner became Horace Rawlins, a newly-participated to the club young British. As a result of his sustainability, he received prize money and a gold medal.

Then the era of Englishmen started. Until 1911, when native American player John McDermott entered the tournament. The championship was not contested from 1917 to 1918 and from 1942 to 1945 due to World War I and World War II, respectively.

Since 1950 athletes from other countries have been engaged and even won, heading up the leaderboard. Indeed, lots of great gold analysts say that play held at the US Open is about scoring near or close to the leaderboards, with the champion usually close to par. In general, a course is quite long and will have a high primary rough coating (called «rough coating» by the Americans), undulating greens, compressed fairways and two or three holes that are short par-fives in normal play are used as long par-fours during tournament play (usually to match the commonly used par 70, forcing players to make long, accurate shots).

The main aspects of arrangement

In general, about 156 golfers participate in the tournament.

There are many exceptions, made to the winners or the first positions of the world leaderboards. The list of possible exceptions includes:

  • a winner of the last 10 previous competitions;
  • a winner of one of the last 5 major tournaments;
  • TOP 30 PGA rankings from last year;
  • TOP 15 in last year’s European Tour rankings;
  • TOP 50 in the world rankings;
  • so on.

As a result, about half of the player’s list consists of sportsmen, who are completely exempt from rating.

According to the others, The US Open is free to join to any professional or amateur whose USGA handicap index does not exceed 1.4. Participants can earn a spot by being fully exempt or by participating successfully on the leaderboards. A 156-player field.

The qualifying system is represented with the first round competition. Later one hundred 18-hole tournaments determine the winners of the second round. This may be arranged like setting several tournaments in America, one in Europe and one in Japan, where first round winners compete against other non-players. By the way, the second round is played over 36 holes.

The playoff is stated with the two-hole playoff format, though earlier it used to be a 18-hole set. The main reasons to change the format were confusion with «Sudden Death» (how it should end – with a tie or not) and approval from viewers and the media.

Particularities to be aware of

As the tournament is well-known all around the globe, to be a winner here seems to get plenty of new opportunities.
US Open champions are automatically invited to the other three main events (The Masters, The British and European competitions and the PGA) throughout the next five years and are exempt even during ten years.

They also receive a PGA Tour membership for the next five seasons and invitations to the Players Championship for five years after their victories. The champion receives a gold medal and the US Cup (the highest award) given, which the winner can keep throughout one year.

In addition, there are some prize privileges to profit form:

  • the winner automatically qualifies to the next 10 editions of the Open championship;
  • the gold holder automatically qualifies to the next 5 editions of other major tournaments;
  • The TOP 8 sportsmen also automatically qualify to the next Masters.

Famous golfers to become winners of The US Open

In order to be a professional in golf betting, especially while talking about one of the most powerful championships in the world, besides learning an actual schedule and leaderboard, you should get acquainted with the best victors ever.

Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus hold the record for most US victories with four each.

Anderson holds the record of most consecutive victories with three at the time Hale Irwin is the oldest winner at the age of 45 years.

By the way, the youngest (but not the worst) champion is John McDermott, who was 19 years when he won in 1911. Rory McIlroy holds the record for lowest combined score in 2011 with 268. Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka share the record for lowest score compared to the winning score of -16.

2022/2021 PERFORMANCE – stats and analysis

Today to succeed in betting on gold for US Open 2023, it’s obligatory to learn the performance of a previous period.
The US Open 2022 was set in the Country Club, Brookline, Massachusetts. By the way, the Country Club last hosted a major tournament at the Open competition in 1988. It also hosted the Ryder Cup in 1999.

Though this year, events developed rapidly and the fight for the title of the winner was fierce. All the best players to participate in the PGA, Masters, as well as British and European championships showed their readiness to rush to victory more fiercely than ever.

As a result, Matt Fitzpatrick became a gold holder and major champion for the first time. The Englishman had gained the National Amateur event at the country club nine years earlier, in 2013.

Now Fitzpatrick finished at six under par in Brooklyn, one shot ahead of Will Zalatoris and Scotty Sheffler, who is a well-known golfers. The list of scores of the season looks like:

Position Name To par Total
1 Matt Fitzpatrick -6 274
2 Scottie Scheffler -5 275
2 Will Zalatoris -5 275
3 Hideki Matsuyama -3 277
5 Collin Morikawa -2 278
5 Rory McIlroy -2 278
7 Denny McCarthy -1 279
7 Adam Hadwin -1 279
7 Keegan Bradley -1 279
10 Gary Woodland E 280


So among the main prize-winners, you can meet players who have become either triumphants or top players in other world-famous competitions.

2023/2022 PERFORMANCE – schedule and players

According to now no information about the participants and the schedule of the events is published, we can rely on the setting location — The Country Club, Los Angeles, California hosts the event at the North Course. This is the first time the tournament will be played at the venue ahead of the 2017 Walker Cup Major. The Country Club, a 36-hole course with a north course connected to a south course, has previously hosted the 1930 Women’s Amateur and the 1954 Junior Amateur.

How to bet on the US Open correctly?

As you may have guessed, this tournament is one of the best options for betting. In order to be successful, you need to understand the basic aspects, namely:

  • learn the rules of the game;
    Without knowing the rules, the probability of making the right choice of a favorite is too low. Try to learn basic concepts first, and then expand your horizons with a variety of techniques. By the way, the practice of watching golf matches at such a high level will definitely be useful.
  • remember about sportsman physical and mental indicators;
    Athletes line up for these competitions as often as possible, so it is better to bet on the favorites. Remember that bookmakers carefully analyze and evaluate the participants’ chances. Don’t neglect his previous tough schedule (if it was), injuries, motivation to get victory and physical stats (more even skills, experience).
  • use various strategies
    Since golf is an unpredictable sport, it is very difficult to choose a single strategy that can lead you to accurate success. It is best to try to predict luck. It sounds strange, but it’s possible.
    Due to the large number of variable factors (weather, athlete’s mood), you can try to combine standard indicators and predicted ones into a single analysis. All of them will surely be combined into the whole puzzle.
  • select a reliable bookmaker with good odds;
  • choose the right type of bet.
    This aspect demands to be overviewed separately below.

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Effective types of stakes to use

  • In order to place a bet correctly, you must first choose what exactly to bet on.
    Overall victory of one participant.
    Here athletes obtain victory in the whole competition. It is difficult to predict, as the number of participants is about 156 people.
  • Duel. The two golfers presents the best result, for instance, and you need to compare only them. It is much easier to analyze two people than one hundred fifty six people.
  • Specific position.
    The prediction consists in selecting the golfers who will be in the TOP-3, TOP-5, etc. Also you are free to select even the losers of the event.
  • Best golfer in a conditional group.
    For example, which representatives of the UK will be the best in the tournament full of Americans.
  • Post-round lead
    Just make a prediction on who will win at the end of a given round. Favorites sometimes start performances relaxed. They reach their climax closer to the end of the competition.

Besides you should understand that you can also bet in advance (futures) right during the tournament broadcast (live).

2023 season prediction – who to gamble on

Today it is quite difficult to predict who will be the favorite next season, although the best tactic is to rely on the latest data and not forget about the leaders of the previous two years.

Actually Matt Fitzpatrick has been named the ninth consecutive favorite to defend his US Open title in Los Angeles. Former winners Rory McIlroy and John Rahm lead the way, along with big winners Justin Thomas and Scotty Sheffler too. Patrick Cantley, Xander Schauffele, Cameron Smith, Sam Burns and Colleen Morikawa are also in the betting market’s TOP 10.

Never forget about the newly born leaders, which can be discovered every time, because as a rule to get victory in this game is more about fortune and luckiness. Therefore, the choice is yours – intuition very often tells us the correct prediction.