PGTI competition presents auxiliary professional tournaments for higher-level competitions. Example Asian tours. It was introduced in 2006 as a separate association from the Indian PGA. Created by a group of professional golfers. In the debut round, only 6 tournaments were created. The foundation of the PGTI led to competition with the PGA.

Ancillary games between these two organizations were planned. But PGTI squeezed out all competing competitions and became the only professional golf tour in the whole country. The Indian participants who participated in the PGTI were interested in the new opportunity. The new tour began to gain popularity among professional and young participants.

In 2009 PGTI became a full member of the international federation PGA. The schedule of events with this tour quickly gained momentum in the first couple of seasons. And online bets on Tour participants with decent odds appeared in bookmakers. In 2010, 25 tournaments were added to the schedule of the event. Of these, 2 tournaments have become legalized with the Asian tour, 1 with the European tour and 7 with the new Feeder tour. At the beginning of the 2011 season PGTI will hold joint tournaments with the European Challenge Tour for the first time. The above Tours are for men only. There are separate golf tours with women. The championship is headquartered in Gurgaon City and tournaments are held at the Kalhaar Blues&Green Golf Club.

Features of the Professional Golf Tour of India

The Professional Golf Tour of India has several game formats: Match play and Stroke play. The first is the format of the game, in which the holes are for scoring. The second – the number of hits on the ball is defined. In other words, you need to make the minimum number of hits on the ball to achieve victory.

Match play is divided into several types:

  1. single;
  2.  tris;
  3. force;
  4. tribol;
  5. bestball;
  6. phorball!

In PGTI, single play takes precedence. This is a singles match in which 2 athletes compete against each other. Ashok Kumar became the first winner of the sensational championship.

The best participants in the history of PSTI are:

  • Ashok Kumar (repeated champion of PSTI );
  • Mukesh Kumar (legend PGA of India);
  • Rashit Khan (won three seasons)!

The advantage of the Professional tournament of India is that after it all roads are open to any professional tournament. A positive fact is that there is a large prize pool of the competition, where professional players strive to get into.

Performance of the last season 2021/2022

A new elite field was introduced at the championship. It became famous from the fact that 74 famous participants and the most famous names of the game took part.The most pleasant bonus is significant cash prizes. International Indian golfers took part in it:

  • Gaganjit Bhullar;
  • Shubhankar Sharma;
  •  Udayan Mane;
  • Jyoti Randhawa!

Also, 60 top golfers in India took part. The Indian Udayan Mane became the winner of the last season of PGTI 2021/2022.

He turned out to be the best person in the fight for the title of the winner of the professional golf championship of India 2021. Udayan managed to make 6 birdies and double bugs to reach the minimum number of strokes in round 4 -18. The golfer made a memorable season by hitting 12 feet on the last hole for a triumphant victory.

It is worth noting that Uyan Mane is the number 1 player on the PGTA money list after participating in the Tokyo Olympics.
The second place of the season was taken by Rashid Khan with 17 strokes – two-time champion of the Asia Tour. A golfer from Delhi made 7 birds and an eagle in the last round. He chose the opportunity to be in the final and try to take the PSTA Cup. In the final, Uyan Mane and Rashid Khan had equal chances to win. The difference in points is not great, but nevertheless Uyan Mane was better.

The current season of the Professional Golf Tour of India

PGTI 2022 started on April 12 at ChandiGarh Golf Club. There were 126 players on the golf course, including 123 professionals and 3 amateurs.

TOP players in this fight are such professionals:

  •  Udayan Mane;
  • Khalin Joshi;
  • Karandip Kochhar;
  • Honey Basaya;
  • Yuvraj Singh Sandhu!

The last player takes 2nd place in the table of orders for pledges before PGTI, as well as the player with the highest rating for recent events. This factor will help you make the right choice when betting online at bookmakers in order to raise your cash.

The tournament year was divided into 2 parts. The second half of the Tata Steel season will resume very soon, on August 17th. The organizers are on the eve of serious confrontations between the players, the composition is very strong. You can already place online prognoze, because the odds before the start of the tournaments are mind-blowing.

If you make the right bet, you can earn a large amount. The professional championship of India consists of 14 tournaments. Almost 2 times more than in the first half of the tournament – in the first half it was 8. The prize fund increased by almost 1,000,000 dollars. Now it is 2,300,000 dollars. A great chance to show the whole world what Indian sport is capable of.

The second half of the competition will take place at the best rated Coimbatore Golf Club in India. Some events near the names of Indian game legends, such as Jeev Mikha Sing Invitational, Shavrash Invitational. The facts once again prove the strength and success of Indian sport at the world level.

The professional golf

of India has not presented a schedule for the next 2023 season due to the new outbreak of Covid-19. The organizers cannot say with accuracy about the holding of the new period, because health comes first. If you need to cancel or transfer, they will do so. The schedule and previous winners can be found in the table below.

Date Tournament Prize Winner Status
17 Aug – 20 Aug 2022 TATA Steel PGTI Players Championship 2022  INR 50 Lacs K. Prabagaran Entry Closed
23 Aug – 26 Aug 2022 Chennai Open Golf Championship INR 40 Lacs Mithun Perera Entry Closed
07 Sep – 10 Sep 2022 J&K Open presented by J&K Tourism INR 40 Lacs Honey Bio Soya Entry Closes on Aug 17, 2022
14 Sep – 17 Sep 2022 Jaipur Open 2022 INR 40 Lacs Kholin H Joshi Entry Closes on Aug 24, 2022
27 Sep – 30 Sep 2022 Kapil Dev Grant Thornton Golf  INR 1 Crore New Event Entry Closes on Sep 6, 2022
04 Oct – 07 Oct 2022 TATA Steel PGTI Players Championship 2022 INR 50 Lacs Chikkaragappa Entry Closes on Sep 13, 2022
13 Oct – 16 Oct 2022 Jeev Milkha Singh Invitational 2022 INR 1.5 Crore Shiv Kapur Entry Closes on Sep 22, 2022
19 Oct – 22 Oct 2022 Pune Open Golf Championship INR 40 Lacs Abhijit Singh Chadha Entry Closes on Sep 28, 2022
26 Oct – 29 Oct 2022 MP Cup 2022 TBA Viraj Madappa Entry Closes on Oct 5, 2022
09 Nov – 12 Nov 2022 Golconda Masters 2022 INR 60 Lacs Yuvraj Singh Sandhu Entry Closes on Oct 26, 2022
24 Nov – 27 Nov 2022 Dream Valley presents Vooty Masters 2022 INR 1 Crore New Event Entry Closes on Nov 3, 2022
30 Nov – 03 Dec 2022 Event (TBC) TBA Entry Closes on Nov 9, 2022
08 Dec – 11 Dec 2022 SSP Chawrasia Invitational 2022 INR 1 Crore New Event Entry Closes on Nov 17, 2022
15 Dec – 18 Dec 2022 TATA Steel Championship 2022 INR 3 Crore Udayan Mane N/A

Given the leaderboard of previous tournaments, you can guess who will be the next winner and choose your favorite.

How to bet PGTI 2022

Due to their rapid popularity, Professional golf tours, not only in India but also in the world, are very profitable for online bookmakers. People from all over the world place parlay in this tournament. The reason for such popularity is the prize fund in millions of dollars. The more money spinning around the tournament, the more you can raise on online parlay.

Initially, when betting online, you need to understand whether you want to express bets or on the line, which are made long before the start of the game. We decide on a favorite or a more likely outcome of the game. Where you will be sure, at least 70% of winning.

The advantage of line betting is that the odds of online betting are stable. During the match, it can change to + or to -. If you are confident in the bet, then it must be done immediately in order to collect a decent win. In the second half of the PGTI 2022, the favorites are Udayan Mane, Yuvraj Singh Sandhu, Karandeep Kochhar. After analyzing the latest games of golfers, you will understand in which tournament and which player the parlay is most likely to go.

Do not forget that the main thing in online betting is stable players. They are called “dark horses” in online bookmakers. Here, the winning odds are deliberately increased so that fewer bettors make parlay on the player. According to this principle, the “dark horse” wins, and the betters are in the red.

Where to put on PGTI?

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Forecast for next season PGTI 2023

Due to the fact that the next period is not known at all due to the pandemic of the new Covid-19 strain, it is difficult to make predictions. Because the participants themselves are at a loss and will most likely be less enthusiastic about their training, but still let’s try. Judging by the fact that the current season for Udayan Mane has been showing itself quite stably for several periods, it can be assumed that he will fight for the cup next season.

Yuvranj Singh Sandhu, who is a two-time PGTI Cup winner, should not be excluded from the list of online betting favorites. the probability that the golfer will not give up the cup is high this time as well. Considering also the fact that in the final of last season, two players went shoulder to shoulder. For forecasts for the next season, I propose to analyze the list of PGTI leaders, which will help you figure it out and make the right parlay.

Rank Player Prize Play Win Cut Top10
1. Udayan Mane 24,87,250 10 3 9 5
2. Karandeep Kochhar 38,48,530 9 2 9 6
3. Anirban Lahiri 19,62,000 8 2 1 3