This is an open national golf tournament. The essence of this tour is that everyone can participate. The only condition is to make a donation. The difference between the tournament and the rest is that women can only take part in it in pairs. Another fat plus of the tour is that you do not need to sign up in advance or approve your candidacy in the playoff matches, but simply come to the golf course and freely become a member of the tour.

The championship was founded in 1964 by the Indian Golf Union. In February, Australian Peter Thompson became the first winner of the tournament. The Australian became a three-time champion. It was he who convinced the golf union to international level as a worthy rival to others.

Soon the Championship was added to the schedule of Asian Circuit Golf.As a result, famous golfers began to appear on the golf course. The second tournament in 1965 was won by Indian amateur player Prem Gapal Sethi. He became the first amateur participant to easily win a championship. He held this bar right up to 1991. After that, another national golfer Ali Sher took part in the Tour and won it. His victory inspired many amateurs to follow in the footsteps of Ali Sher.

For professional players, participation in the tour was an incentive not to fall face down in front of amateur players. After all, they did not want to crash in front of ordinary golfers. The Hero Indion Championship has become so popular even among professional foreign golfers that 9 out of 13 Championships were won by American golfers from 1978-1990. The most popular of which is PGA legend Pein Stewart. Open Indian Spike from its inception until 2000 was held exclusively at Delhi Golf Club and Calcuti Royal Golf Club, which has become a tradition.

Thanks to the tournament, golf clubs have gained good publicity and popularity. After 2000, there was a turning point in the search for sponsors of the championship. Various sponsors dictated their conditions by the venue of the championship. So lobavilo a few more places for the Championship. But Dedi and Kolkata remain the main clubs.

Features of the Indian Open

The format of the championship is held exclusively by stroke play. This is one of two formats in which points are defended by the number of strokes. In short, the fewer strokes it takes to complete the course, the more points the golfer earns.

There are also whole rules. In the event that the participant has not reached the established norm for passing holes, it is considered lost.

HIO is built according to the format closer to the famous Asian Tour, so the championship is held on 72 holes. The following Indian players became the favorites of the tour:

  1. Anirban Lahiri;
  2. Jyoti Randhawa;
  3. Shiv Chaurasia;
  4. Arjut Atwal!

All of them are professional golfers who have won more than once.

How example, Shiv Chawrasia has this tour as the most favorite among all existing tours. He is considered the only player who has achieved success only in India. Here is one example of who you can bet on online at bookmakers. The last tour was held 3 years ago. In recent years, the tour has been canceled due to the tightening of the Covid-19 quarantine. So there are still no new winners.

Performance 2021/2022 Indian Open Championship

On the eve of the 2021/2022 tour, the restriction was still in effect due to Covid-19. But participants and sponsors were looking with all possible options for this season. different options have been proposed:

  • there is a 2-week quarantine of the participant before and after the tour;
  • mandatory vaccinations from all participants;
  • remote locations for tour!

The above suggestions did not suit all players. Despite all the efforts of participants and sponsors, the Golf Association finally decided not to hold the Tour. They relied on the fact that this is not such an important event due to which there may be irreversible consequences. In reality, the holding of the tournament was quite possible in compliance with all quarantine precautions, but the decision of the association is law.

Overview of the current season 2022

Due to the easing of quarantine measures at the beginning of the year, the current season was planned to be held. Golf clubs were chosen, a list of golfers was compiled and even the schedule of tournaments was announced. But it was not there. A new strain of Covid-19 has appeared – Omicron. And to this day, the Open Championship has been postponed indefinitely.

It is noteworthy that all 3 years of not holding the tournament, according to the rules, the winner of 2019, Scottish professional golfer Stevens James Gallagher, remains the reigning champion. On such a curious occasion, he becomes a three-time champion due to not holding the Tournament. These are the accompanying events for the golfer.

Despite such a sad outcome, according to the Hero Indian Open leaderboard, I suggest not being too lazy and analyzing the results of the players. This will help to draw the right conclusions from the next 2023 online betting season. When analyzing, take into account the fact that players have not seen a golf course for several years in a row, which plays an important role in the results of the match. And accordingly for your online betting.

All the possibilities with the development of events are waiting for the quarantine to finally end and they will appear in their fields. The past 3 years they have been preparing to the new season. One can only find how many worthy new games have appeared for the tour, and someone is just about to debut. Everyone is waiting opening of the new season and the announcement of the new schedule.

Player Score Hole 1 2 3 4 Total
1.Shiv Chawrasia -15 F 67 67 68 71 273
2. Anirba Lahiri -13 F 68 71 67 69 275
3.Adilson Da Silva -12 F 72 66 69 69 276
4.Daniel Im -10 F 65 74 70 69 278
5.David Lipsky -9 F 69 67 75 68 279
6. Alejandro Canizares -8 F 68 69 71 72 280
7.Arjun Atwal -7 F 70 71 67 73 281
8.Ajeetesh Sandhu -6 F 76 66 70 70 282
9.Ignacio Elvira -5 F 66 68 79 70 283
10.Antonio Lascuna -4 F 71 69 73 71 284


How to bet on the Hero Indian Open?

Golf is not only the most popular game, but also the most expensive. If you dare to bet, pay attention to golf. The probability of your bet winning depends on many factors:

  • the field on which the golfer plays (players have favorite fields on which they show excellent results. If he plays on his own field, the probability of winning is high);
  • weather conditions (tournaments are held in an open area, where athletes with good physical data and long-range shots have an advantage on a wet field, and only equipment on a dry field);
  • the psychological mood of the player (the game itself requires concentration on the game without unnecessary thoughts. It is very difficult to predict the morale of the player. This is not a key factor, but one of the additional ones)!

For example, when betting online on the players Jyoti Randhawa or Arjut Atwal, take into account their recent games and fields where they played, as well as their physical and moral preparation. Be extremely careful when choosing a favorite in online betting.

Some may be “dark horses”, which are simply too high odds for robed so that lesser bettors make online betting on it. The bottom line, is he wins. Also keep in mind that athletes who come from other continents may not be well received by climate change and jet lag, which has a bad effect on the game.

Note that an athlete plays better in his own country because he feels more confident. Given the above factors, you must understand that the morale of the athlete is more important than the physical condition. When choosing an athlete for online betting, do not pay attention to age, as the game does not require physical activity. It’s all a matter of technology.

Where to bet on the Hero Indian Open

In this crew, the betting online is dominated by players, it was for each player that the choice of bet most often fell.

Most often, bookmakers overestimate or, on the contrary, underestimate for their own benefit, so before making online betting, you need to analyze several bookmakers or seen live streaming.

There are international online sites with multi-volume, where you can replenish and withdraw your balance in the currency available to you.

When you see a large coefficient, it means that the percentage of winnings is very small, but only those who know how to take risks win.

Most often, bookmakers overestimate or, conversely, underestimate in their favor, so before placing bet online, you need to analyze several bookmakers. There are international online platforms with multi-volume, where you can replenish and withdraw your balance in the currency available to you.

When you see a large odds, it means that the percentage of winnings is very small, but only those who know how to take risks win. The most elementary way to check the odds is to compare the bet of several bookmakers. You will see that only one of them is different. For confident betting, you need to use proven bookmakers with favorable conditions. Compare the most confident online betting sites in the table.



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Interesting facts about Hero Indian Open

Hero Indian Open was called the Indian Open Championship.

Over the years since its inception, the championship has had many sponsors, but in 2005 sponsorship was taken over by Hero Honda Motors LTD.

After that moment, the prize pools went into a rapid growth. As a result – a large flow of golfers. Since this is the best sponsor of all time, the tournament officially became known as the Hero Indian Open for obvious reasons.

Compliance with the classics of golf, the ethics of this game and respect for the traditions that appeared with the creation of the Championship.  One of the few tournaments where women can take part. In order to feel on an equal footing with men.