It is a popular sport all over the world, in which the player, using various types of clubs, must hit the ball into the hole using the least number of strokes. It is one of the few sports in which the main opponent is not an opponent, but himself and his surroundings.

There are two main types of discipline:

  • a game on the score, in which the number of strokes on the entire field in the performance of each sportsman is counted;
  • match play, when the confrontation on a single hole of players or teams is considered as an independent match, and the score is kept depending on the holes won!

This sport is a new lifestyle trend that combines a classic approach and aesthetics with technology and the demands of the times. As a non-contact sport, it gained a lot of new fans during the pandemic. Safety and physical activity allow you to stay in shape, maintain body tone, and harmonize your mental state, which is no less valuable. This is both a hobby and a new type of income. Golf betting odds are profitable and bring the professionals real money.

The main golf rules

The essence of the sport is well known to almost every sports fan. There are enough different rules, and in recent years there was a trendy course to simplify the game. But the main task of the game remains the same: to hit the ball into the holes with the help of clubs, using fewer strokes than the opponent. In each game, the participant must complete a certain number of holes (usually 18) in a certain order.

The hole, in such a case, is called both the hole in the ground itself and the entire playing area. The playing field usually consists of:

  • starting zone – “teeing” grounds;
  • main zone;
  • a special, very short-cut area with a hole cut out in the center – “lawns” (also called green)!

There may be obstacles on the playing field: water or sand barriers, as well as bushes, trees, and tall grass. No more than 14 clubs are allowed for qualifying in this activity, which is divided into several varieties. The discipline was part of the Olympics in 1900 and 1904. It returned to the Olympics in 2016 and is now a permanent Olympic sport. Traditionally, at major tournaments, athletes from the United States are considered favorites, and representatives of Great Britain, Spain, and Australia often take prizes.

Types of betting golf odds

It is one of the sports providing individuals with several gambling options. With the right strategy and good stakes, you’ll be able to consistently win while playing.

  • There are really a lot of stakes in the discipline. The betting golf odds are different regarding the number of participants, their qualifications, and the tournament type.
  • Win of the competition – which of the athletes wins the tournament. It is difficult to predict since the number of participants is 50-250 people.
  • A duel – which of the pair of athletes shows the best result. It is easier to analyze two people than fifty people.
  • A certain place – who takes the specified place, which athlete enters the TOP-3, TOP-5, etc.
  • The best contestant of a conditional group – f.e., which of the representatives of England is the best among the participants, or which of the American participants won’t take the first position.
  • Leadership after the round – who wins at the end of a certain stage. Favorites sometimes start performances relaxed. They reach the peak closer to the end of the competition.
  • Total strikes, including on individual participants.

Main golf tournaments in 2023

It is one of the world’s four major tournaments, held in April each year at the Augusta National Club in Georgia. In 2021, the event celebrated its 85th anniversary. In 2023, it will be as spectacular as always. It is the first major of the year, and that is why betting odds are always high.

It is a men’s tournament on the European PGA Tour. The event was created in 1972 and has been held since 1996 on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland.

The Irish Open is a men’s professional tournament held in Ireland since 1927. Between 1963 and 1974, Carroll’s International was held instead of the Irish Open. In fact, the championship isn’t as famous as other events on the current list. Therefore, the attention of gamblers isn’t also special.

Today’s US Open is one of the world’s four most prestigious annual championships, part of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. The competition is held by the United States Golf Association in mid-June so that, barring rain delays, its final day coincides with Father’s Day in the United States, which is the third Sunday in June.

The British Open is a men’s championship, created in 1860, and held annually in the United Kingdom. Organized by the R&A Club of St Andrews, it is the oldest competition of this discipline in the world. It takes place every year on the third Friday of July. Third, in the chronological order of the four grand slam competitions, it takes place after the Masters and the American Open. Now the title holder is the Australian Cameron Smith, winner of the 150th edition, in 2022. We remember how profitable were the live stakes on Cameron!

The Australian Open is one of the premier tournaments on the PGA Tour of Australasia. It has taken place every year since 1904 in November. It is one of the national opens that is taken into account in the official international professional ranking system. The winner receives the Kirkwood Cup (name in reference to Joe Kirkwood, Sr. who brought the competition international recognition in 1920).

The PGA Tour Champions is a professional men’s tour organized by the PGA Tour. The circuit includes between 25 and 30 competitions per year which are played in the United States, England, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and South Korea. Many professionals who have won several PGA Tour competitions go on to the Champions Tour.

In 2023 all these events will take place throughout the world and bring joy to the fans and bettors. Athletes tune in to these competitions as much as possible, so it’s more rational to gamble on the favorites. Remember that bookmakers carefully analyze and evaluate the chances of participants.

At competitions of the second and third ranks, the margin of offices is 2-3 times higher. But here the probability of erroneous odds is high. Some participants are underestimated, so valuers appear. Bet on small competitions, but first, choose a bookmaker with a detailed line in the discipline.

Outsiders win even major championships. An unknown player is able to show a perfect game and beat eminent opponents.
It isn’t an easy sport to bet on. Sensations happen regularly, and there is not enough information about little-known athletes. Professionals do not make such stakes, because you need to sort out 30-50 participants for the sake of one stake.

Scottish Open odds

The Scottish Golf Open is a men’s tournament that has been held since 1972 in Scotland (United Kingdom). It is one of the most prestigious tournaments in Europe, and takes place the second week of July, as a prelude to the British championship. It is part of the European Tour and the prize pool is 3.0 million pounds sterling.

The vacated spot on the European tour schedule was taken by the 1997 Loch Lomond World Invitational, which had been held the year before.

In 2001, it was decided that the Loch Lomond event should be run as a Scottish Open and all previous events should be counted as Scottish Open tournaments, leading to the unusual situation that the 1996 tournament had two winners.

From 1972 to 2008, the prize money increased from £10,000 to £3 million. It was reduced to 2.5 million in 2012 but increased again to 3 million a year later. In 2015, £3.25m was played.

In 2017, US$ 7 million was distributed as part of the Rolex Series. A new label brings together several competitions endowed with at least 7 million Euros each.

In 2023, the event will take place from 6th to 9th July. There aren’t much detailed information yet but the competition will receive many talented athletes so don’t forget to gamble on the best ones. We recommend you consider live stakes since the betting odds will be very profitable!

Best gambling strategies: what to look out for

The main championships collect the majority of the viewership and gambling volume. The mood of the players there is simply outrageous, so it is better to bet on the favorites here. Take into account that bookmakers thoroughly study the players and their chances of winning in these competitions.

In events of the second or third tier, the margin of bookmakers is much higher, but on the other hand, incorrect odds are often found in the line. Individual players are underestimated by bookmakers, which leads to the emergence of value odds. It is better to bet on discipline in small tournaments, but you need to choose an office with a wide line. You’ll also have to surf the Internet well to find statistical information on participants of these events and track down their latest interviews.

The sport seems to be written according to a movie script in which an insignificant participant gathers their will into a fist and wins a major tournament, so often outright outsiders win in the championships. Lovers of romance in sports like the discipline, but it is a very difficult sport for novices’ gambling. At the very least, professional bettors do not always choose to bet on the discipline, and amateurs have even less chance of winning in this sport. Player’s ratings show their objective strength, but it’s more important to look at their current form.

Athletes can play better in individual competitions because each field is unique. Consider weather conditions. In the rain, you need a good long-range shot, and on a dry field, a short and technical shot comes to the fore. The psychological component is more important than physical conditions. Find out what mood the participant is in. Check out the latest interviews and news. If a participant plays in their home country, this is an advantage. As well to fans’ additional motivation and support, there is no need to adapt to the climate and time zone. It is also likely that the athlete knows or even trained on the field where the championship takes place.

How to bet on golf

It is a popular sport with a particularly dense concentration of fans among wealthy people. In that respect, the gambling market in this field is well developed, and there are many people who are willing to risk a lot of money placing stakes on their favorite players. For many, it is a mysterious game, so they wonder how to bet on the discipline. In order to win on such stakes, you need to use a few basic rules when placing a stake. First, you need to study the offers in different offices, as they vary greatly. It is more profitable to play on bets one against one or on the winner. Use information about athletes’ ratings, and statistics of performances at particular tournaments in previous years, and do not forget about time zones that have a significant impact on the state of the players. We recommend betting on golf with such bookmakers, as below.




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If you really want to make money on sports gambling, then study the statistics of players’ performances and other information, since there is more than enough of it on the Internet. Modern sport is a complex sports science, and it needs to be well understood. Its gambling strategies can be different. One strategy may be to secure the winner when several single stakes are placed on the winner.

For example, on the top three players, as a result of winning one of them, you will benefit significantly, and you will increase your probability of winning several times. There are really a lot of betting offers, and it is unlikely that you will find a win-win strategy. Such a fact does not negate the fact that it is better to gamble wisely, not only relying on luck but also increasing your knowledge of the discipline with each prediction. Some secrets of successful bets

Secret number 1. Don’t expect 100% win


The first mistake of a beginner is to hope for large and quick earnings on sports betting. Such a mistake comes not only from self-confidence but also from ignorance of the elementary mechanics of gambling.

It is not just guessing the results of upcoming or current sporting events. Bookmaking is a big business where companies make money, not just create space for customers to play and win.

The main thing is to realize the real situation and not dream of regular super profits on sports gambling. Play only for free money. In no case do not invest in gambling funds necessary for other purposes – business, family, treatment, recreation, etc. If you want to make money, you must develop a gambling strategy and act according to the financial scheme.

Secret number 2. Psychology is more important than accurate calculations

Many players have good mathematical abilities, are able to think systematically, and are well versed in sports, but still go into the red over time. Most often such a situation happens not because of strategic calculations, but for psychological reasons. If you do not learn to restrain emotions, then it is unlikely you will be able to earn money at a distance.

Most often, too temperamental players make the following mistakes:

  • follow their fan preferences, and not rely on a sober analysis of the event;
  • deviate from the strategic plan for an interesting match or major tournament;
  • rush to recoup because of dissatisfaction with a series of offensive losses!

The last point is the most dangerous. It is the desire to win back at all costs and to do it as quickly as possible that often leads to a drain on the bank. The player raises the stakes, takes more risks, and loses their cool. If you notice such a «sin» behind you, then it is better not to engage in betting. Most likely, there will come a moment when you break down because of emotions and lose a lot of money.

Secret number 3. Don’t rely on outside help

On the Internet you will find many offers from people who are ready to guarantee huge profits from sports betting. These are all kinds of cappers, forecasters, and doggers (they sell information about supposedly fixed matches).

Such specialists look for clients using different tools: social networks; messengers; business card sites, etc.Capper statistics should be treated critically. There are many different ways to manipulate data, from inflating quotes to removing failed stakes.

Objective statistics are available only on specialized verifier portals.  If you still look for the services of a professional assistant, then make sure they are not afraid to use such sites and confirm their success on a third-party objective resource. On the other hand, do not be lazy to read the sports forecasts posted in the public domain. Do not take them as a direct guide to action – gambling. Use such forecasts as additional help to your own analysis of events.

Secret number 4. It is unprofitable to bet on low odds

Many novices believe that by betting on outcomes with a high probability of entering, they will be in profit. It’s another common misconception. Bets on low quotes – at the level of 1.10-1.30 will definitely lead you into the red.

To get a plus, you will have to make 5-10 successful predictions against one losing one. In sports, sensations are not uncommon, and it is very difficult to achieve such a percentage of win-win forecasting. In matches where opponents with a clear difference in level meet, bookmakers overestimate the commission included in the odds. Pay attention to these tricks to protect.


Golf is a well-known game, but at the same time, no one knows what competitions in the discipline are currently taking place, and of the athletes, only Tiger Woods is well known, whose career has already declined. This sport is not suitable for long-term gambling. It is problematic for people who are far from the game to win, even if they have learned the rules and developed their own gambling strategy.

A person should be fond of this sport: regularly follow main events, read feature articles, and study interviews and news. Once you understand the chances of winning, it’s your turn to choose a reputable bookmaker. The Internet is teeming with gambling sites, but not all of them take into account the interests of the amateurs. Thus, you must be careful when choosing where to place your money.

When choosing a bookmaker, you need to read the reviews to see what they offer. Even legitimate sites have different offers. First, some offer better betting odds than their counterparts. In addition, you must consider bonuses and other promotional offers available to enthusiasts. Stay away from sites having nothing to offer you. In addition, be sure to research each bookmaker before registering. Study our rating and all the above facts and proceed to bet!