Great India Golf Player Shubhankar Sharma

This young but illustrious golfer was born in 1996 in Jhansi, and was soon forced to move alone with his family to Bhopal.

Many fans of to bet on golf online know this golfer firsthand. At the moment, this is the standard for many athletes around the world and not only. Indeed, in addition to being a young and promising golfer, he is also the richest and most successful despite his age. At only 26 years old, Shubhankar Sharma is the owner of a deserving list of prestigious golf awards, as well as the most impressive net worth. According to some estimates, the total value of the prize money earned by the player is about 3 million euros, and this does not include advertising money and other earnings.

While many athletes and just 26-year-old boys are just training and preparing for success, Shubhankar Sharma at 26 is already a titled world-class golfer, causing admiration from fans and envy of competitors.Many fans are interested in learning about the athlete’s family and how he spends time outside the golf course. This athlete does not like to give details about his personal life, but we managed to collect some information. We will try to learn about all areas of the player’s life and try to understand what made him so successful in his years.

About Shubhankar Sharma

His father was a colonel in the Indian Army, which largely determined the fate of the golfer. Thanks to the constant sports activities with his father and the discipline that reigned in the Sharma house, the child developed rapidly and at the age of 7 he began to actively play golf. According to the father, his son allegedly “married golf” and did not let go of the club for hours practicing long and twisted strokes.

The boy went through serious training from the age of 7, which some athletes begin to practice only after 15 years. This helped a lot to get ahead of their peers.

Thanks to this approach, already at the age of 16, Shubhankar Sharma turned professional and took part in the Asian Development Tour, where he brilliantly showed his abilities and was invited to participate in the Panasonic Open India, where he took fourth place, despite strong competition from experienced Indian golfers of the world level.

After a successful debut, the golfer’s career rapidly went up. At first, he played exclusively at the Asian championships in the period 2014-2017, but soon he conquered world courses and earned himself the fame of a strong golfer.

At the moment, the athlete takes an active part in world-class championships and is one of the highest paid golfers in India. Here is a list of some of the most notable awards that Shubhankar Sharma has managed to earn in his ten year career:

  • 1-st prize at PGTI Cochin Masters Presented by CIAL Golf & Country Club 2014;
  • Champion of PGTI Players Championship Presented by Eagleton – The Golf Resort 2016;
  • Winner of Kolkata Classic 2016;
  • 1-st place at 15th TATA Open 2016;
  • First place at Joburg Open 2017;
  • First prize at TAKE Open Golf Championship 2017;
  • Winner of McLeod Russel Tour Championship 2017;
  • Champion of Maybank Championship 2018!

As you can see, such an impressive list of awards inspires respect for this athlete. We dare to assure you that these are not all player awards, but only the most prestigious ones. Many fans of betting online say that the reason is the personal style of the athlete and his lifestyle. Well, let’s find out more about how this athlete lives.

Shubhankar Sharma Personal Life

It’s not uncommon for famous athletes to be reluctant to reveal details of their private lives to journalists and the general public, but no one is as modest and secretive as Shubhankar Sharma.

Few reports say that the player leads a modest lifestyle and spends most of his time on the golf course practicing strokes and honing his skills.

The golfer does not have a wife, just like a girl. According to him, he does not seek to start a relationship and is focused on his career.

Once, information was published that Shubhankar did not eat meat for religious reasons, but some time later the athlete himself stated that he really did not eat meat all his life, but this was not related to the player’s religion.

He stated that this is due to the traditions of his family, who prefer not to satisfy their appetite at the expense of the suffering of other beings.

How to Bet on Shubhankar Sharma in 2023

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