History of golf development

As for the occurrence of the game, there is still no consensus. Some historians believe that golf was invented by Scottish shepherds who drove stones into rabbit holes with sticks. Others claim that the birthplace of golf is Rome, where they competed with bent sticks and a ball stuffed with feathers. Still, others claim that the game originated in China, and as proof they cite a scroll depicting the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, hammering the ball into the hole with a device that remotely resembles a club.

In any case, the roots of golf in its modern form go back to Scotland. The game was first mentioned in the decree of the Scottish king James II, issued in 1457, on the prohibition of this activity, which prevented the soldiers from learning archery. In Scotland, rules have also been developed that imply the presence of 18 holes on the field. In 1900, golf was included in the program of the Olympic Games held in France.

Today it is the national game in the United States. It is a whole industry with a huge annual turnover. And the total number of players is 25.7 million people. Nearly 40% of Americans are golf enthusiasts.

The basic rules of golf

Golf is an Olympic sport, where players or their groups try to roll a small ball with the help of special clubs into holes on a grassy field. This must be done in the minimum number of strokes. The difference between this sports game and all the others is that the opponent of the player is himself and what surrounds him.
The game, unlike most disciplines, does not require a playground that meets any specific standards. Any field with a length of several kilometers, with an interesting landscape, is suitable for this. The only thing it should be equipped with is a system of 9 or 18 holes designed to roll a ball into it.

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The field is divided into three zones:

  1. Starting (tee).
  2. Main (fairway).
  3. “Green” (green) – a platform with a hole.

Players spend 3-4 hours to complete all 18 holes. Movement across the field occurs on foot or with the help of an electric car. Tournaments can be individual, pair or group. Sometimes there are caddies on the field – assistants who help with advice and prepare equipment.

Features of golf etiquette

Despite the fact that there are many rules in golf, referees are only needed in official competitions. After all, the main principle is the honesty of the participants and the special etiquette that has become part of the tradition. It implies respect for other players and respect for the field. Here are the basic rules of golf etiquette:

  • Do not strike until the previous group has moved to a safe distance.
  • Don’t delay the game.
  • Move out the green as soon as the hole is completed.
  • Pass forward those who play faster.
  • Do not bring clubs into the green area.
  • Place the flag carefully in its original position.

Inventory and necessary equipment

The most important accessory is definitely a club. There are a lot of varieties of them: a separate club can be used for each hit. But in total, the player has the right to use no more than 14 pieces on the field. In general, clubs are divided into the following types:

  • “Wood” – a tool for striking from the launch pad. They provide the maximum range of the ball.
  • “Iron” – clubs for striking at different distances, taking into account the location of the ball. Their heads are made of metal and differ in their shape. So, for small trajectories with a high flight radius, a special accessory is used with a head tilt angle of 50-60 degrees.
  • “Putter” is a tool for moving the ball in the “green” zone. This stick allows you to make accurate shots.

All clubs have their own number, depending on the angle of the head. The lower the number, the farther the projectile will fly.

Interesting facts about golf

There were not always 18 holes on the field. Initially, their number was 22 holes, and decreased to 18 in 1764 and has remained unchanged since then.

The ball was not always round. For many years they tried to play with balls of various shapes. The round ball became the standard in the United States, as it was found that this shape allowed the projectile to reach the highest speed.
Golf is a popular pastime of VIPs. There are special fields. The only problem is that the balls often jump overboard. However, conservationists have benefited from this – a German company began manufacturing balls from compressed fish food.

This is a game of businessmen. According to statistics, more than one multi-million dollar deal is concluded during the game. Moreover, joining the club is not cheap – from 90 thousand to $ 1 million. At the same time, almost half of the club members do not know how to play at all. They come to tournaments only to create an image of a successful entrepreneur for themselves, as well as to make useful acquaintances.

The charter of one of the golf clubs in Australia determines that during the game it is allowed to hit the ball in a kangaroo.
Mary Queen of Scots was the first female golfer in history. She even organized her own Saint Andrew’s Club in 1552.
Golf is even played on the moon. The first to do this was astronaut Alan Shepherd. The force of gravity on the Moon is several times less than on Earth, as a result, the ball was carried away many hundreds of meters.
In 1968, the professional women’s golf federation allowed the participants in the championships to wear miniskirts for the game.