The sport of golf is played exclusively in the open air on large grass pitches and is enjoying growing popularity. Its widespread demand is also affected by the decreasing reputation of a sport only for rich people.
The concept is to play the ball using different clubs with as few strokes as possible in 18 different small holes that have to be completed in a fixed order. A game lasts several hours and several kilometers have to be covered to get to the holes.
It became an Olympic sport in 1900 but was withdrawn from the program again after the 1904 Olympics. So, it came back for the first time at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Who can play golf?

Golf is one of the few sports that can be practiced at different ages. Athletes from other sports such as tennis often switch to golf in middle age, which is why the number of older athletes on golf courses often predominates. Nevertheless, there are also numerous athletes who start playing golf at a young age and not only do it as a leisure activity but also train for performance and compete in tournaments.

Success factors in this discipline are primarily the distance and the precision of the game, which is determined by the coordination skills and flexibility of the athlete. Strength plays a rather subordinate role therein and with good technique, the load on the supporting and musculoskeletal system when teeing off is rather low.

What is curious about this sport?

In many elite clubs, there are still strict regulations regarding access authorization. For example, in European countries, it is common that the use of a golf course is only permitted after obtaining the so-called handicap. Here, etiquette and the basics of the game must first be learned in a course.

Many elite clubs also require a certain handicap, which can be calculated from the number of shots to complete a course. So it happens that beginners often hardly have a chance to play. Also, there is a special dress code in most clubs. Jeans and t-shirts, for example, are taboo. Long trousers or Bermuda shorts should be worn, as well as long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts with a collar. Sandals or other open shoes are also forbidden, as are headscarves or similar.

Is it expensive to play golf?

Now this sport is more common but the equipment is still quite expensive. Do you remember Hollywood movies about millionaires? In all of them, wealthy people play golf.
Equipment. It really requires a lot of different items: clubs, balls, gloves, stands and markers. The cost of a quality set of clubs is $ 2000-3000. In addition, golfers pay a lot of attention to their appearance – the athlete should be comfortable playing. And only shoes with spikes cost nearly $ 400.

Training. This sport takes a lot of time to get results. Therefore, it is believed that those who are not attached to work, which means they are quite rich, are fond of this sport. However, in the United States and Great Britain, there are many taxi drivers, chefs, and stylists in golf clubs – that is, people with flexible working hours.

Clubs. Building a golf club is a very expensive business. Only planning landscapes and calculating trajectories are measured in hundreds of thousands, not to mention the cost of land. There are many elite clubs designed by famous designers and not everyone can afford the membership. However, there are also many accessible playgrounds – there are even free children’s sections.

Even 5-10 years ago it was really considered a sport for businessmen, but now it has become much more accessible. There are more and more fans of this game in the world.