Golf is a game with a history that goes back to the 13th century. It was first mentioned in 1297. Moreover, according to ancient sources, the discipline originated not in England, but in Holland. The game was played with a leather ball and club. Competitors had to score a ball at a target that was several hundred meters away from the player. According to other sources, it originated in China. According to one Chinese professor, long before they began to play golf in Europe, it was popular in China under the name “chuivan”.

It is difficult to say exactly when it appeared, but it is known for certain that in the 17th century in Holland, according to the rules, it was no longer necessary just to hit the ball on the target, but to drive it into the hole. That is, the rules of golf were as close as possible to those that are currently in effect.

But despite the debate about where golf first appeared, the Scots are considered to be the lawmakers of the game. It was in Scotland that the first clubs appeared, and the rules were invented by which golfers are guided.

Basic rules of golf game

Due to the origins and a long history, golf is regulated by a fairly large number of rules. But, unlike most other sports, it does not require the presence of a judge or referee (unless, of course, this is an official tournament). Players must know the rules themselves, be honest about the number of strokes and “play the ball as it lies”.
An important component of the game is etiquette. It’s interesting that this carefully guarded tradition has undergone almost no changes in its entire history. First of all, the etiquette includes good manners, respect for partners and opponents, and maintaining order on the field.
In professional tournaments, hitting the hole in one stroke is always rewarded with a special prize.The chance of such a hit is 1:46000.

Interesting features of golf etiquette

Golf traditions provide for not only the rules but also the obligatory etiquette for the players. In addition, there are obligatory requirements for the behavior of tournament participants on the field. And all the fixed norms are regarded as an inevitable part of golf.

The etiquette of the game sets the following rules:

  1. You can not stand near the player who is preparing to hit the ball. Distracting him by talking or touching him is prohibited;
    It is considered bad manners to deliberately delay the game. As soon as the player has passed the area, the whole group must quickly leave it;
  2. If some group of players plays faster, then it must be skipped forward;
  3. The game must be started only after the group of players in front has moved to a distance that the player cannot hit the ball;
  4. It is not allowed to interfere with the playing process of partners in the tournament;
  5. If, when hitting the ball, a flag in front of the hole was knocked down, then it must be returned to its place;
  6. If the player damages the ground with a club, then it is necessary to eliminate its damage. In addition, after passing the sand bunkers, you need to level your tracks.

Caring for the grass cover of the playgrounds is considered mandatory for everyone. It is unacceptable to damage it. It is also forbidden to throw garbage and litter the sites. The state of the golf courses is monitored by special people – greenkeepers. Before starting their work, they take a course of 20 subjects, which includes soil science, landscape design, construction, and other disciplines.