CGI Golf Ireland

The CGI is a not for profit organisation, created by the GUI, ILGU and the PGA to help advance the sport of golf on the island of Ireland, for the future. The CGI complements the work of the associations as well as providing a necessary combined approach to certain key strategic areas in the future development of golf in Ireland.

Our Mission

The Confederation of Golf in Ireland act on behalf of the Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI), the Irish Ladies Golf Union (ILGU) and the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) as the development organisation for Golf, the administrators of Team Ireland Grants and Olympic Games.

We are committed to having a positive impact on the future of Golf by being the leaders of change through the continuous development of club-based participation initiatives, club support services, community engagement and good practice resources for Golf Clubs across Ireland.


Our Values

  • Empowerment– We strive to continuously empower committees, club volunteers and all those working in Golf Clubs by giving them the right level of support and resources for a sustainable future.
  • Accountability – We will work towards instilling accountability for how we support clubs in all of our services and initiatives by demonstrating good practices.
  • Team Work– We believe in the importance of co-ordinating effort with organisations and Golf Clubs who share our dedication and belief in developing the game for future sustainability
  • Passion– Passion is at the heart of our organisation. From the board to the staff, we are constantly seeking to move forward, innovating, improving and influencing change.
  • Education – We believe in the positive and long term impact of learning and support systems and we aim to provide training opportunities for staff, club officials and PGA Professionals.



Regional Staff