Working with children and young people in your golf club can be incredibly rewarding but it also comes with responsibility. One of the most important aspects of this responsibility is your obligation to keep those who are in your care safe from harm.

Safeguarding training is the perfect way to ensure that your staff and volunteers have the skills that they need in order to be able to provide a service that protects children and young people but it will also arm you with the knowledge you need to ensure your own safety. 

Upcoming Safeguarding Training Workshops

Workshops in Republic of Ireland

Due to the current situation, we have not been able to deliver our safeguarding workshops in clubs. To assist clubs in getting their junior sections and programmes in place, the below measures have been put in place which will provide you with an overview of Children First requirements and will also give a sporting context. Please note most workshops will be delivered via zoom but some may be delivered face to face (subject to public health guidelines).

Safeguarding 1 Refresher Course

Safeguarding 1 course must be completed, firstly on a face to face basis and then an online refresher course every 3 years until the 9th year which will require the face to face course being completed again.

CLICK HERE for the online refresher course.

Club Children’s Officer & Designated Liaison Person

All clubs must appoint a Club Children’s Officer and a Designated Liaison Person.  Role descriptions of CCO and DLP are available here.  If there is difficulty identifying two separate individuals to take up these roles, the Children’s Officer can be appointed as Designated Liaison person once the club/organisation is clear about the responsibilities of each role, however best practice advises that they are kept as separate roles.

Upon appointment, the following training is available and must be completed.

Safeguarding 1 – Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness Course (3hrs)

This course educates participants on the implementation of best practice in protecting the welfare of children involved in sport. The workshop provides introductory information on codes of conduct, bullying, recruitment, etc. as well as child protection guidelines. By following the principles, policy and practical guidelines contained in the Code, sports leaders are playing their part in providing a safe and enjoyable environment in which children can learn and thrive.

Safeguarding 2 – Club Children’s Officer Workshop (3 hrs)

A person appointed to the Club Children’s Officer position in a club must have completed the Safeguarding 1 workshop and should complete the NEW Club Children’s Officer workshop.

The appointment of Club Children’s Officer is an essential element in the creation of a quality atmosphere for young people in your club. They act as a resource to members with regards to children’s issues and also ensure that children have a voice in the running of the club and can talk freely about their experiences. This course will help the Club Children’s Officer to carry out the function of their role in the club and support the implementation of best practice in the club. Participants will also receive a Club Children’s Officer Action Planning document as part of the training.

Safeguarding 3 – Designated Liaison Person Workshop (3hrs)

A person appointed to the Designated Liaison Person position in a club must have completed the Safeguarding 1 workshop and should complete the NEW Designated Liaison Person workshop.

The Designated Liaison Person will be the person responsible for dealing with any concerns about the protection of children. The designated person is responsible for reporting allegations or suspicions of child abuse to Health Services Executive or Social Services (NI) and/or An Garda Síochána / PSNI. It is recommended that this person is a senior club person.

The above workshops are available through your Local Sports Partnership. Please contact your LSP for more details.

Workshops in Northern Ireland

In light of the current situation, Sport NI have revised their Safeguarding Children and Young People Workshop to be able to deliver it online, however there are a number of changes to the format as outlined below:

  • The workshop will be delivered in two parts – part one is pre-learning that participants are required to undertake in advance of the online workshop.  This consists of a 25 minute video which provides important elements of the face-to-face workshop that has been adapted to be undertaken prior to the online workshop.  It is mandatory that participants undertake the pre-learning as they will be tested on their knowledge of it within the online workshop.  They will also receive the Safeguarding Children and Young People Resource booklet which they should read through prior to the online.  Part two will be an online virtual workshop via Zoom lasting approximately 100 minutes delivered by one of our experienced tutors.
  • Individual participant bookings can be made via Eventbrite.  The cost per participant is £15.  Participants must register via Eventbrite for the date specific workshop they wish to take part in. Please see links below.  Once registered, participants will receive an email that their registration is confirmed as well as the pre-learning materials and the link to access the online workshop.
  • Workshops will take place via Zoom with a tutor delivering the content live.  Participants will be required to log onto Zoom via the link approx. 5-10 mins prior to the start of the workshop.  Following introductions, the tutor will deliver the interactive workshop which lasts approximately 100 minutes plus breaks so just less than 2 hours.  Throughout the workshop participants will be expected to  fully participate (with their cameras on) in polls and breakout rooms to test knowledge and promote discussion (just as in the face-to-face workshop).
  • Upon completion of the online virtual workshop participants will receive a certificate of attendance and be asked to give their feedback via a short online survey.  Certificates will be issued dependent on participants fully engaging in the workshop content.
  • The number of places on each workshop is limited to 12 persons presently to allow for the participant/tutor interaction to take place and ensure a good quality experience for all taking part.

Until such times as we are in a position to deliver the face to face workshop, this will be the only option available for volunteers and coaches to undertake Safeguarding Children and Young People awareness training. Certificates will display that it was an online virtual workshop that was undertaken and we would recommend that following the online workshop participants should undertake a face-to-face workshop rather than an online refresher in 3 years’ time when required.

Any enquiries should be directed to

Safeguarding Children and Young People Online Virtual Workshop:

Wednesday 9th September 6.45-9.00pm BOOKING LINK

Wednesday 23rd September 6.45-9.00pm BOOKING LINK

Please check back regularly for updates or visit Sport NI’s Facebook or Twitter page.

Safeguarding 1 Refresher Course

Safeguarding 1 course must be completed, firstly on a face to face basis and then an online refresher course every 3 years until the 9th year which will require the face to face course being completed again.

CLICK HERE for the online refresher course

The NSPCC in Northern Ireland also offer an online introductory safeguarding course for anyone who has infrequent contact with children: CLICK HERE

Designated Safeguarding Children’s Officer Training dates:

Thursday 27th August 6.45-8.30pm BOOKING LINK


CGI Safeguarding Workshops

We are currently working on delivering the safeguarding workshop via zoom in the coming months. Please check back regularly for updates or contact your local sports partnership for information on their upcoming workshops.

Hosting A Safeguarding Workshop

Please fill out the following enquiry form if your club wishes to host a safeguarding, basic awareness workshop either via zoom or face to face for your members. Numbers will be strictly limited to a maximum of 12 participants and must all be from your golf club

Face to face workshops will depend on public health guidelines. It is the responsibility of the golf club to ensure social distancing can be maintained and that public health guidelines can be followed.

click here to complete enquiry form

I Would Like To Attend A Workshop

If you would like to be added to our waiting list to attend an online Safeguarding 1-basic awareness workshop via zoom please complete an expression of interest by clicking here.

Additional Training

Staying Safe Online

The Sport Ireland Staying Safe Online resource is web based information and guidance tool on internet safety predominately aimed at parents/guardians/coaches. The resource provides detailed content on all aspects of online safety which is contained in two main categories which are:

  • Need to know
    • Age restrictions
    • Bullying
    • Decoy Apps
    • Passwords
    • Sexting
  • Social Media
    • Facebook/Facebook buzzwords
    • Gaming
    • Instagram/Instagram Buzzwords
    • Snapchat/Snapchat Buzzwords

The resource also contains a digital test section which allows users to test their knowledge on what they have learned. Upon successful completion of the test users will be awarded a digital certificate.

Click here to access the course.

Sport Ireland Covid-19: Return to Sport Online resource

Sport Ireland has developed a very useful course for anyone involved in sport. Whether you are a parent, player, coach, club official or volunteer this free online course will ensure you are informed and up to date on public health guidelines and recommendations for returning to sport.  This course is broken into Sections A & B with a Certificate of Completion available for download after each section is completed. Individuals can complete section A, get a Certificate of Completion regarding general Return to Sport information and then leave the course. COVID-19 Officers, or others with an interest in the additional information, can complete both sections A & B and get a Certificate of Completion for each section of the course.

Click here to access the course.