Parents in Sports Week 2019

A national awareness raising campaign, Parents in Sport Week is a chance to showcase your organisation or club’s creativity and build positive relationships with
parents and carers.

“Parents, through their support, encouragement and understanding, play a pivotal
role in supporting their child’s participation, success and fun when playing sport. It’s
essential that sports clubs communicate regularly with parents so that both coach
and parent work towards the same goals.”
– Paul Stephenson, NSPCC CPSU

How your club can get involved:

We want more parents to be a part of their child’s sporting life but we need your help to reach them. You can do this by:

  • Working with and supporting parents through your club or organisation, letting them know how valuable their contribution to youth sport is and encouraging them to get involved.
  • Kick off the week with an event for parents or a fun competition for all the family.
  • Take advantage of the CPSU’s extensive advice and resources to build closer relationships with parents and carers at your club or organisation, and
  • Use the hashtags  and #SportsParents to show your support and spread the word online.  Make sure you share it alongside our great resources by linking to the CPSU’s website.
  • Display these posters in your club or sports venue to promote Parents in Sports Week 2019:
  • Hand out these flyers to Junior Committee members/ PGA Professionals in your club: Five Top Tips for Working with Parents

How parents can get involved:

Parents in Sport Week 2019 is a time to celebrate positive parental involvement in youth sport. With the introduction of the Sports Parents Promise this year, we’re encouraging all parents to get involved and make sure their child has a safe and enjoyable experience of golf.

The NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) has launched the Sports Parents Promise as part of its annual awareness raising campaign, Parents in Sport Week. The Promise outlines all the ways in which parents can be the best sports parents they can be, by ensuring their child has safe and enjoyable experiences of sport.

Parents can make the Promise online and, in return, they’ll be directed to vital information about how to keep their child safe in sport. They can also download a certificate of their own to share on social media or print out and stick up on the fridge. Show your child you support them taking part in sport by making the Promise HERE and spread the word on social media using the hashtags #SportsParents and #ParentsInSportWeek2019.


As a parent it’s natural that you would want to be assured of your child’s safety and welfare wherever they are.  CGI are committed to ensuring that juniors learn and develop in a safe and fun environment.

All parents should be aware of the following:

  • The Golf Club’s Safeguarding Policy
  • Who is working with young people in the club and  if these adults have completed the appropriate codes of conduct and vetting procedures.
  • The Parents Code of Conduct
  • Signing a Junior registration form each season

CGI represents Irish Golf on the ‘Safeguarding Children in Golf’ (SCIG) group. SCIG is a partnership of governing bodies and golf organisations in GB and Ireland that share good practice across organisations and hosts a website full of useful tips.

Included on this website is information for parents about what to expect when your child starts golf and how to give young players essential advice and support.

The crucial question is “are you giving your child the support they need to allow them to develop to a level at which they feel comfortable”?  To ensure your child is getting the support they need have a read of the step-by-step guide see ‘Supporting Your Child in Golf’ on the SCiG website.


Featured Video

The below video highlights the important role that positive sports parents play in supporting their children to participate and engage in sport.

The following video emphasis the negative effects that sports parents can have on their child’s performance. First thing is for children is that sports should be fun, parents should be good role models and support fair play. This video provides advice on keeping children safe in sports and dealing with pushy parents to help anyone involved in sports activities with children and young people – including coaches, volunteer helpers, activity organisers and parents.


For videos on the importance of parents in sports CLICK HERE

Information for Parents

CGI represents Golf on the Safeguarding Children in Golf (SCIG) group. SCIG is the partnership of governing bodies and golf organisations in the UK are Ireland, and they have a website full of useful tips. There is information for parents about what they should expect and how to give young players essential advice and support. Are you giving your child the support they need to allow them to develop to a level at which they feel comfortable?  To support your child in golf have a read of the step-by-step guide see “Supporting your child in golf” on the SCIG website, click here for this and additional information.

Useful Downloads

How aware of you about your child’s safety when using their mobile phones for text, web and social media?

As the golf day can be long and parents are not always near by it is a good idea to have contact with your child using their mobile phone but are you sure that it’s being used in a safe manner?


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