Vetting is one part of a safe recruitment process and is a requirement for all those working on a continuous, regular and/or ongoing basis (once a week or more) with young people (U18).  Those who have occasional contact (‘now and then’ or ‘a once off event’ such as giving lifts, tournament/team assistants etc) come under the ‘occasional’ usage term and do not need to complete a vetting check however it is good practice to give such adults a code of conduct to sign. All those working with young people must also attend the relevant training workshops available.

Vetting must be carried out every 3 years while codes of conduct must be signed annually for all those working with juniors.

There are two types of vetting checks available:

  • National Vetting Bureau (NVB)
  • Access NI  (ANI)

The Confederation of Golf in Ireland is the registered body with the NVB and ANI and is responsible for processing applications to carry out vetting checks for golf.

When you are no longer working with juniors in your club, please inform us and we will delete your information from the vetting database.

Information relating to the Republic of Ireland

It is now mandatory for all those involved in ‘any work or activity which is carried out by a person, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with children’ to be vetted.

The Act shall not apply where a person gives assistance on an occasional basis (now and then’ or ‘a once off event’ such as supervising, giving lifts, tournament/team assistants etc) other than where such assistance includes the coaching, mentoring, counselling, teaching or training of children.

It is a matter for each golf club to assess the positions involved in accordance with the Act.

A person may not be engaged to do relevant work or activities relating to children or vulnerable persons unless that person has been subject to the vetting procedures under the Act. Failure to comply with this duty is an offence under the Act.

It is advisable for each golf club/individual to keep a record of vetting details of their staff and advise accordingly when it is due for renewal.

The NVB e-vetting process can be completed online but can only be processed on receipt of an ID check.

Further information can be found below:

National Vetting Bureau         CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions  CLICK HERE

FAQ National Vetting Bureau Children & Vulnerable Persons Acts 2012 to 2016

Information relating to Northern Ireland

All those working in Northern Ireland who work in ‘regulated activity’ this is work or activity that involves teaching, training, caring for and supervision of children ‘frequently’ (once a week or more) or ‘intensively’ (4 or more days in a 30 day period or overnight), must complete an enhanced vetting check.

Access NI can be completed online but can only be processed on receipt of an ID check:

Further information can be found below:

If you have any questions please contact or call +353(0)1 505 4272