It is likely that your golf club is already engaged in good practice. However, it is essential that everyone involved in your club knows what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. This can be done through a Code of Conduct for all those working with juniors including leaders, parents and young people.

Every club should have a written Code of Conduct relating specifically to adults and children. Your club will also need to consider and formulate guidelines relating to specific areas that you are involved in, such as day trips and competitions.

Having a Code of Conduct minimises the opportunity for children to suffer harm, seeks to protect staff and volunteers from false allegations, and informs parents of the child-centred ethos of your club. It will also ensure consistency of practice and will promote the safety, protection, enjoyment and comfort of children.

A Code of Conduct will give staff and volunteers the confidence to carry out their roles and to develop positive relationships with children. It is an essential framework for staff and volunteer interactions with children with regard to support and supervision, training needs and disciplinary actions.

Codes of Conduct should be signed annually.

Below please find sample Codes of Conduct for your club to adapt