Golf clubs should look at various options when trying to recruit new members and not solely stick to traditional methods. The list below identifies some ideas on where and how to generate interest in your clubs offering:

Free Taster Sessions

A great way to introduce beginners to the game and the golf club environment. These sessions can be targeted at a specific group. Current members could be encouraged to invite family and friends. This session should also enable participants to also experience the social side of golf club membership.

Local Businesses

Can be used to attract their employees and perhaps promote a corporate membership. CGI are available to do awareness day in offices (where space permits).

Activities outside of the golf club

Demonstrations and taster sessions at local shows/festivals, community facilities, colleges/universities and businesses, promoting follow-on opportunities at the club.

Driving ranges and Pitch & Putt courses

These are places where a number of newcomers will try the game. A mutual arrangement may be appropriate to ensure that golf club opportunities are promoted to people visiting driving ranges and pitch and putt courses. 

School Awareness Day

A fun opportunity for school children to get their first taste of golf. Have a follow on activity in the golf club soon after the awareness day to develop a family theme with a social event (e.g. BBQ), which may parents and siblings involved.

Create links & partnerships with local sports/leisure clubs

Golf may be ideal for those sportsmen and women who are looking to take up a new, less intense activity and an additional activity for those participating in seasonal sports. Local Sports Partnerships (LSP’s) are another great way to recruit (ask your RDO for more details).

Other Ideas

  • Local schools (teachers)
  • Parish Newsletters
  • Sports Clubs
  • Gyms
  • Youth Clubs
  • Local shops

Final things to remember

Beginners should be made to feel welcome and at ease within the golf club environment and be supported in their progression from beginner to golf club member.

The PGA Professional’s and Get into Golf volunteers involvement are especially important as they are the first points of contact and are key to the development of the player. Furthermore, a successful Get into Golf programme can generate additional business for PGA Professionals such as lesson bookings and further sales within the pro-shop.


Key points to consider when recruiting for Get into Golf

  • Is your dress code a potential barrier for the type of new member you wish to attract?
  • If rules are being relaxed for the Get into Golf Programme participants, have you shared this information with current members?
  • Are all members and staff aware of the activities taking place?
  • Are the club and facilities clearly signposted?
  • Do you have adequate amount of support in terms of volunteers?

Festival of Golf

  • Identifying a week/weekend to run a festival of golf that would comprise of a number of different formats that are different from the traditional ones, may encourage men less interested in traditions and more interested in participation to the club.

Inter Pubs/ Society Challenge

Could be run in a similar style to the above apart from teams could comprise solely of non-members. It would be an ideal way to showcase the benefits of golf club membership.

Sports Club/ Local Business Challenge

  • Identify members in your club that are involved in other sports/social clubs and local business
  • Ask each of them to form a team that would comprise of one member and 3 non-members from their club/business
  • These teams will compete over 9/12 holes in a team format for a trophy/prizes
  • It is encouraged to have dinner/drinks as part of the entry fee to get the people socialising and give the golf club an opportunity to outline membership packages that are available