Membership Development involves both recruiting new members and maintaining the existing members of your club. Both of these membership categories require a targeted approach which will include a customer service focus, marketing, communication and pricing proposals. This will ensure that your club is best positioned to attract new members, engage with them to maximise the chance they will renew and make sure that your existing members become champions of the club due to the fantastic experience of being a member.

How CGI Can Help Your Club

CGI can help your club review it’s current membership development practices and provide recommendations through our Membership Development Support. Further details are outlined below along with a number of helpful membership, marketing and customer service related downloads:

Club Surveys- Customer Feedback Tracker

The information provided by a well-designed member survey is a valuable input into the process of planning, marketing and services to be offered by the club. Member surveys enable the clubs’ management to identify where there are potential problems in and whether the club meets the needs and expectations of the membership. Furthermore, member surveys also provide management with a chance to test new ideas and gauge the likelihood of success.

How CGI Can Help Your Club

The Customer Feedback Tracker is a unique online platform that allows clubs to collect survey-based feedback from their visitors and members as well as benchmarking different operational areas of the course and clubhouse. This will enable golf clubs across Ireland to analyse the perception of the club against competitors and strategically plan improvements and investment.

The CFT is free for all affiliated clubs and will be introduced in late 2019. It allows clubs to simply design three types of survey, including:

  1. Member satisfaction survey
  2. New member satisfaction survey
  3. Visitor satisfaction survey

To set up your CFT account, please contact your local Club Support Officer or Club Participation Officer.

Membership Development

Our Membership Development offering, centres on the combined efforts of both recruiting new members and maintaining the existing members at the club – this is done through effective retention. Working on both these areas will give clubs a full strategy on Membership Development. This will lead to a targeted approach in both areas supported by a customer service focus, marketing, communication and pricing proposals.

 At the end of the process with CGI your club will have:

  • Reviewed the current recruitment and retention practices
  • Provide recommendations / actions based on best practice advice.
  • Support the clubs to create a programme that is suitable and specific to the club’s needs.


Men’s Membership Trial Offer

  • Your Club selects a period of 4 weeks for Trial Membership (Example: Month of April).
  • A fee for this trial is agreed. (suggested, €50 – €100).
  • There is a weekly organised 2/3 ball scramble or event organised by Coordinator.
  • The participant is allowed to play golf independently & avail of all Club facilities. (Clubhouse, Practice Facilities, Club pro etc) on days designated by the club.
  • Throughout the month there is constant information/update stream sent to participants on various things happening in Club, benefits of joining, how to use your membership, introduce the staff and reminders/results of Scramble event. Pro Tip – Try and include as many photos as possible from the weekly events.
  • A group lesson with PGA Pro can be organised which will give a taste of what can be availed of. This also gives the PGA Pro an opportunity to promote his/her offerings to members.
  • At the end of the Trial period the participants are presented with the membership offer along with a list of “Benefits of being a member of this Club” and are given a set time during which to take up this offer.
  • On taking up this offer the New Member is communicated with regularly and a 90 Day New members survey is carried out to check as to how things are going

For more information please contact your local club participation officer.

Get into Golf

Get into Golf is a programme designed to not only support golf clubs in recruiting new members and in turn increase their membership figures and revenue but, also to make golf more accessible to the wider audience. There are 3 main strands to CGI’s Get into Golf Programme:


  • Advertising
  • Internal and external communication
  • Taster sessions/ awareness days

Get into Golf programme

  • Combination of lessons with a PGA Professional and volunteer activities to help integrate the participants into the golf club

Follow on membership and activities

  • The offering of a suitable staged membership offer
  • Regular playing opportunities

Membership Development Hub

The Membership Development Hub has been created to further support clubs who are actively working with CGI to improve their practices. The hub contains additional resources including toolkits, checklists and templates which will help clubs achieving their improvement action plans on the following topics:

  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Recruiting Members
  • Member Retention
  • Social Media

For further information on how the CGI team can help your club create an action plan or provide support through additional training, please contact your local support officer by clicking HERE

Contact us for further information.