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With ageing club memberships and the overall decline in golf participation, junior members have never been more important to the future of golf clubs. Similarly, never before have children had more variety and opportunity in terms of activities, all competing to occupy their spare time and attract their talent. These factors present a challenge for golf to improve its ‘offer’ to young people and encourage them to start and stay in the game.

In the past, junior golf did not require a great degree of care and attention from club management and officials as junior recruitment appeared to be relatively “easy”, especially for boys.

Today, the role of the Junior Committee should be regarded as the most important one in the golf club. Contrasting with some of the responsibilities on the club’s main committee, the junior convenor can undertake a huge variety of jobs and duties, including liaising with a number of different parties, such as adult leaders, coaches, junior members, parents/guardians, ILGU, GUI and CGI officers and local schools.


The Confederation of Golf in Ireland has produced a document for clubs which contains samples of all necessary policies, enabling junior sections to create their own child protection policy.

This document can be downloaded and modified to suit the club’s needs.

To view this policy document and browse other related information see our Safeguarding page.



Club Handbook for Junior Golf

Along with the GUI and ILGU we have put together a ‘Club Handbook for Junior Golf’ which aims to help clubs run sustainable junior sections.

The ‘Club Handbook for Junior Golf’ has a number of documents in the appendices that golf clubs can edit and make unique to their club.

The ‘Club Handbook for Junior Golf’ offers golf clubs access to a range of content and practical advice on achieving a ‘best in class’ Junior Golf offering across a variety of areas including:

  • Junior Club Operations (coaching, competitions, handicaps, communication)
  • Junior Club Committee and Leaders
  • Safeguarding Children in Golf
  • Girls in Junior Golf

The guide also offers access to a variety of templates and checklists to assist in the implementation of junior club programmes, such as recruitment forms, role descriptions, permission forms and safety checklists. A number of real-life case studies are also included which provide excellent learning and ‘best practice’ examples, including Balbriggan golf club who initiated a Cadet’s Section, Enniscrone golf club which developed a Junior Club Programme and an insight into how Naas golf club worked to increase participation among young female players.

Club Handbook for Junior Golf – Digital Version

Summary Sheet of the Club Handbook for Junior Golf can be found here

The Club Handbook for Junior Golf can be accessed online by clicking here.


Rules and Etiquette

Do you want to try something different with your juniors why not do a rules and etiquette quiz with a difference? We have added some general knowledge questions for the boys and girls!

For a copy of the CGI rules handout, quizzes and answers, see the downloads below.


Golf4Girls4Life & Boys Framework

Using research, trends and the finding from the consultation, the aim for the frameworks are to:
Support clubs to recruit junior boys and girls, increase participation and retain juniors through the provision of engaging coaching sessions, enjoyable additional activities and sustainable structures.
The framework has been designed specifically to meet the needs of junior boys and girls, and to provide guidance for all stakeholders in the golf club, including PGA Professionals, committees, volunteers and parents, which is hoped to enable them to create a child centered environment. The framework also acts as a toolkit to help golf clubs reflect on their current practice and incorporate new practices to develop stronger links between the various committees, volunteers, PGA Professionals and governing bodies, while keeping the participants at the forefront.
It should be noted that the framework is NOT a source of Talent ID and was created to widen participation at grassroots level and be inclusive of all standards.

The framework is laid out into four main stages which are progressive and interlinked, as they are designed to increase skills and knowledge in a suitable environment. Each stage is outlined below:

Contact your local CGI participation officer for support.

The below documents are a sample from our stage 1 booklets for both Golf4Girls4Life and Boys Framework Booklets. Each stage has an ambassador for the juniors to look up to and also includes putting, chipping and pitching tasks, and scorecards. As the juniors progress through each stage the tasks are made more challenging and new tasks are added.

Each stage of the frameworks come with booklets, bag tags and certificates and are FREE of charge. For more information email

Obtaining a Handicap

  • A handicap will only be allotted if you are a member of an affiliated club and after full consideration of any previous playing history.
  • The committee will give you instructions on how to obtain your handicap.
  • You will have to play at least 3 rounds of 18 holes or 6 rounds of 9 holes. You may be asked to put your name on your card and date. On top of the card you should write ‘for handicap’.
  • You will be advised that each card must be marked and signed by a responsible person acceptable to the committee.
  • You will need a club card, a pencil/pen to mark your score accurately after each hole.
  • After each round, you must sign your card and your marker must sign it also.
  • You will be advised by the committee on where to put your card when you have finished each round.
  • The required number of cards should normally be submitted within a period of six months.



Visit our Junior Development Resources page for lots of useful downloads and helpful resources including, warm up activities, icebreaker games, indoor activities guide, quizzes and more.