Junior Activities

Warm up activities and icebreakers are a great way to start your sessions. They enable juniors to get ready for the session and to relax at the beginning and get to know each other. Download the below documents for some fun warm up and icebreaker activities. Also see the sample of our leaders cards which are full of fun chipping and putting activities.

Email info@cgigolf.org to get a free packet of leaders cards that include 20 games like the samples above. The cards give instructions on equipment needed, how to set up, how to play the game and changes to adapt the game for different abilities. If you would like more information on running a leaders workshop in your club visit the training section of our website or email info@cgigolf.org

Indoor Activities for Juniors

With the shorter evenings closing in and bad weather looming download our indoor activities guide for ideas on how to keep your juniors entertained while indoors. Also download our handicap and rules quizzes,  and word search to test their golfing knowledge.

The Rules

The Rules of Golf are universal but unlike many other sports, are applied by the players themselves. Therefore, every golfer should carry a Rules of Golf book, which is free and available from most golf clubs or state associations. The Rules outlined below are very simple but will assist initially.

R&A Rules App

The R&A have a rules app that can be downloaded onto your phone, which allows you to search for rules easier and also provides animated videos on the top 10 rules. CLICK HERE for more information.

Rules Quiz

The R&A have a number of rules quizzes to test your golfing knowledge. Work your way up from the beginner to intermediate and then to the advances quiz to see if you are a master of the rules. The quizzes are a great way for all members to develop their golfing knowledge and can be done individually or in groups.

You can access the R&A rules online quizzes by CLICKING HERE or see the downloads below.

Useful Junior Downloads

Below is a full list of editable documents. Click on the files below to get the word version of the players registration form, practice plans, sign up sheets, posters etc.