What is the Women in Golf Charter?

The R&A launched the Women in Golf Charter to the industry in May 2018. It aims to increase women and girls’ participation and membership in golf, encourage more families to enjoy golf as a leisure activity and encourage more opportunities for women to work in the golf industry.

To achieve this goal and to enable women to flourish throughout golf, the R&A recognises the need for a fundamental shift in culture. There is a clear ethical need for change and the potential economic benefits of growing the sport through more women and girls playing, are substantial.

The R&A commits to playing a leading role in this process and to working with affiliates, partners and the wider golf industry towards achieving this goal. The Charter specifically aims to:

  • Strengthen the focus on gender balance and provide a united position for the golf industry
  • Commit national federations and organisations to support measures targeted at increasing participation of women, girls and families in golf
  • Call upon signatories to take positive action to support the recruitment, retention and progression of women working at all levels of the sport
  • Set individual targets for national associations for participation and membership and reporting progress annually
  • Develop an inclusive environment for women and girls within golf

How can your club get involved?

The Confederation of Golf in Ireland will fully support Golf Clubs across Ireland to adopt the Women in Golf Charter. Below are a variety of practical examples your club might want to include to formulate your own club commitments to the Charter. Alternatively, you could adopt principles already formulated within your clubs’ business plan.

Example Commitments

As a club we are working towards;

  • Achieving 30% female representation on our management committee
  • Implementing / delivering recruitment initiatives targeting women/girls/families
  • Addressing/implementing strategies to support female retention
  • Implementing a membership pathway for women and girls to progress within our club structure
  • Supporting national women and girls’ campaigns addressing perception, recruitment and/or retention
  • Providing volunteering opportunities for women and girls within our club
  • Implementing better signage around the golf club
  • Providing on course toilet facilities for females
  • Adopting an inclusive approach with female and family imagery displayed throughout the clubhouse and website
  • Other priorities your club needs to address to be inclusive for females and families within our golf club


Next Steps

Once your commitments have been selected you will now need to complete the following:

  • Assign timescales to each pledge acknowledging they are time specific.
  • Link all commitments to your clubs’ business plan. You may decide to complete a Charter specific action plan and assign responsibilities to key personnel who will oversee the progress and execution of individual commitments.
  • List your commitments as per the attached template but use your own clubs headed paper
  • Once agreed we recommend the Board/Committee shares the commitments with the club membership to bring people on board in support of with what the club is aiming to achieve
  • A signed copy on behalf of the committee should be emailed to your CGI Club Support or Participation Officer

Once complete, you will be recognised as a Women in Golf Charter signatory and your commitments will be listed on The R&A and the Confederation of Golf in Ireland websites.

In becoming a Charter signatory, you are agreeing to support the monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the Charter within GB&I and globally. To gather this data The R&A and Confederation of Golf may use a third party to assist and the contact details of the lead person identified will be shared only for this purpose. We would like to be able to use any information gathered to celebrate key successes and to share best practice.