The information provided by a well-designed member survey is a valuable input into the process of planning, marketing and services to be offered by the club. Member surveys enable the clubs’ management to identify where there are potential problems in and whether the club meets the needs and expectations of the membership. Furthermore, member surveys also provide management with a chance to test new ideas and gauge the likelihood of success.

How CGI Can Help Your Club

The Customer Feedback Tracker is a unique online platform that allows clubs to collect survey-based feedback from their visitors and members as well as benchmarking different operational areas of the course and clubhouse. This will enable golf clubs across Ireland to analyse the perception of the club against competitors and strategically plan improvements and investment.

The CFT is free for all affiliated clubs and will be introduced in late 2019. It allows clubs to simply design three types of survey, including:

  1. Member satisfaction survey
  2. New member satisfaction survey
  3. Visitor satisfaction survey

To set up your CFT account, please contact your local Club Support Officer or Club Participation Officer.

The CFT club user guide can be accessed by clicking the link below:


Helpful generic survey information downloads are included below to help clubs with conduting traditional style surveys: