The information provided by a well-designed member survey is a valuable input into the process of planning, marketing and services to be offered by the club. Member surveys enable the clubs’ management to identify where there are potential problems in and whether the club meets the needs and expectations of the membership. Furthermore, member surveys also provide management with a chance to test new ideas and gauge the likelihood of success.

How CGI Can Help Your Club

There are a number of generic templates listed below for clubs that are seeking ideas on what type of questions to ask in a club survey.  Alternatively,  CGI can give more hands on support by working directly with your club to facilitate the running of a survey.  Further details are outlined below along with a number of helpful related downloads:

Club Surveys

CGI can help facilitate the running of a survey at your club and the normal working steps of this process are outlined below:

  • CGI will provide the club with a template survey.
  • The template will be edited to suit the club including amendments, deleting or adding questions.
  • Once amendments have been carried out the club decides what date to issue the survey to members.
  • CGI will provide a web link which the club will share with their members for completion.
  • CGI will also provide a printable version of the survey that can be completed by hand.
  • CGI will close the survey, and create a report containing all survey results for the club.

Please note that CGI does not provide recommendations with the feedback report, as we believe it is important for clubs to take ownership of the next steps and how to utilise the information. Your club support officer would be delighted to meet with the club and offer advice on next steps following review by the club committee.


Click here to apply for club support today and get help with running a member survey at your club or contact us for further information.