A business plan is an important tool for managing and growing your golf club. A well-designed plan lays out a vision of growth and the steps needed to get there. The development of your clubs unique Business Plan will give clarity and purpose to the club today and into the coming years. – By clearly identifying all the important facts about the club – its history, the current financial situation and discovering its ‘core areas’ you can begin to focus your efforts and start achieving real results through SMART target setting.

How CGI Can Help Your Club

CGI can help facilitate the creation or review of your clubs business or strategic plan through our Club Planning Support. Further details are outlined below along with a number of helpful planning related downloads:

Club Planning Support

A key step for any club on the road to success is the recognition for the need to develop and implement a medium to long-term plan.  This plan will identify a vision and purpose, strategies and set out various objectives and initiatives to be achieved. It can be a short-term business or operational plan (up to 12 Months) or a longer-term Strategic Plan (3-5 Years). CGI will provide support to you from initial consultation through to the drafting of a club plan.

At the end of the process with CGI your club will have:

  • Completed a Planning Workshop at your club with CSO support
  • Received club planning templates/guides and a series of recommendations
  • Reviewed current and past trends and conducted a number of business exercises
  • Identified your clubs vision, purpose, values and core priorities
  • Ongoing support to your working group towards drafting a club strategic or business plan
  • Communicated your plan to the membership and staff
  • Started to implement the club plans


Business Planning

  • Offers clubs interactive step-by-step guide to strategic business planning
  • Clubs will receive a personalised business-planning template designed to meet the specific needs of their club
  • Discussion on how to identify and leverage new opportunities for growth, effective governance, best practice for membership recruitment and retention and enhancing club service
  • For further information contact: info@cgigolf.org or phone (01) 505 4272

Club Planning Guide

The CGI Club Planning Guide should be used by committees to gain an understanding of the planning process and as a reference, as the club progresses through the planning journey. Topics covered include:

  • The need for a club plan
  • Is your club ready for a plan?
  • Club Planning Process
  • Club Communication
  • Planning Checklists
  • Business Planning Analysis Tools
  • Focus Group and Workshop Information
  • Finalising & Launching The Plan

The guide should be used in conjunction with the CGI Business Planning Template. Both can be downloaded from the section below.

Your club support officer can provide guidance and advice throughout all stages of the plan creation and implementation.



Click here to apply for club support today and get help with creating or reviewing your club plan or contact us for further information.