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We talked to Frazer Vaughan from Tramore, to find out more about his golfscore web app.

What is golf score? is a web app that lets you fill in your golf card online and then send it to the club.

What are the benefits for clubs and golfers using this?

Easy to use: When linked to club software all scores are updated with a click of a button.

Centralised: All scores can be inputted using one device and scoring is up to date.

User friendly: Can be used by all members with internet access. There is no login necessary.

Adaptable: The web app is suitable for all types of competitions including stroke/stableford/fourball/three person team etc.

Free: There is no cost to clubs or golfers for using the web app.

Accessible: There is no app download required. It works on any device with an internet connection through the internet browser.

Safe: Eliminates the need for handling of scorecards.

Contactless: No handling of physical scorecards and can be sent via Whatsapp of link to the clubs software.

Record: Scoring history can be kept on phone for future reference.

 Where can we get more information on this app ?

By contacting Frazer Vaughan.

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