Starting next Tuesday the 24th of November through to February the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Ireland will deliver a series of webinars and in another exciting development will launch a GCSAI podcast.
It is hoped through coming together regularly over the next few months, that we will be able to build a sense of community for Irish greenkeepers. So professionals with a passion for what we do can come together, share experiences and collectively we all get better at what we do.
Through both webinars and podcasts, we will cover a wide range of issues including, professional development and recognition, mental health, communication, agronomic and management topics. In particular, through the planned podcasts we will be looking for your input to help shape engaging and meaningful discussions.
Never before have we faced a winter that it will be as important to feel part of something and connected in some way. GCSAI sincerely hope through what we have planned we will give Irish Greenkeepers something to get involved in and something to look forward to, while also providing engaging, interesting and entertaining content.
Over the coming months, via email and social media we will keep you informed of the events, so whether it is from the comfort of your own home, canteen, office or car join us and be part of it.
For the dates, topics and speakers that will be covered over the coming months click here.

For more information visit GCSAI website.