Gregor the Golf Ball

Gregor the Golf Ball – My first golfing adventure, has been written and created by Euan McIntyre (Pen name James Cobban). We did the below Q&A with Euan to find out more about the book.

Where did the concept come from?

Whilst working in the Golf Industry I seen that there was a lot of great initiatives at local schools and clubs to get children into golf, however I did not think that there was anything to precede these initiatives to get children interested in playing or trying golf. That little seed to inspire their imagination and spark their interest. That is when at 3am I woke up with a picture of a golf ball with a smiley face in my head, immediately wrote a story, and Gregor was born.

Tell me a bit about the adventures of Gregor the Golf Ball?

The story is told by Gregor as he reflects back on his first ever game of golf. He starts of in a basket full of his brothers and sisters in a golf shop. They are all bored as they have heard so many exciting stories about life on the golf course but none of them have ever been picked out by a golfer.

All that changes when a young boy and his mum come into the shop, pick him out and Gregor’s golfing adventure begins. Gregor explains the emotional rollercoaster that is a game of golf from the view of a golf ball. The excitement of feeling the fresh air between his dimples for the first time, the feeling of flying through the air like a superhero and the worry as he is lost in the rough and fears his golfing journey is over before it has properly begun.

Throw in a few characters including a confused and scary crow and you have a story that children will love. There are also activity pages including design your own golf ball, word search, Gregors Golf Word’s, question page and golf journal. Gregor’s slogan is ‘Inspiring kids from tee to green and everywhere in-between’!

 What is the goal of the book?

The book has two goals,. Firstly to inspire children to play golf, learn about the game, get creative and have fun. The book does not tell you how to play golf, it is designed to spark the imagination to make children want to play golf.

Secondly, the story is a great way to open up real conversations around tricky subjects like mental wellbeing, by reflecting back on Gregor’s emotions. Gregor is a child himself and he is stepping out into the unknown. Everything is new for him, the views, the smell of the grass, his life. Every shot is a new adventure and he never knows what is round the corner.

Who is the book aimed at?

The book is aimed at children up to nine years of age. However, it can be read to a much younger child or enjoyed by the whole family. Golf clubs looking at increasing their junior section or building relationships with schools. It has had particularly good feedback from foundations that work with or support children with Autism. Including the Els for Autism Foundation.

Are there any more books?

Gregor has many different adventures to go on and the possibilities are endless, with at least another three in the pipeline.

How can someone get more information on the book?

For more information contact Euan McIntyre at


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