Parents in Sports Week- Promise 2

A recent YouGov survey found that more than a third of parents (38%), with children who are members of sports or leisure clubs in the UK, said that either they had never received, or could not recall being sent, any information about safeguarding measures by their child’s club, when asked to think about the club their child joined first.

Naturally, as a parent, you’ll want to know that your child is safe while they’re enjoying sport and just because you may not have seen a clubs policies on safeguarding, it doesn’t mean they don’t have them. This Parents in Sport Week, we’re making sure that parents know what should be in place at a sports club to keep children safe and to do that, we’re asking parents to make the Sports Parents Promise. The Promise is 3 things we think all parents need to know to be great sports parents and today, we’re talking about Promise 2:

A good sports club should have policies in place to protect children from harm, as well as procedures for dealing with concerns.

Most clubs send this information out to parents when their child joins but we’re encouraging clubs to remind parents regularly, talk to parents about these policies and make them available to parents all the time.

If you haven’t seen anything about safeguarding from your child’s club in a while, it might be worth looking at things like:

  • their child protection policy or statement, which should tell you how they protect children from harm
  • the clubs process for hiring staff and what checks are carried out on staff or volunteers
  • their written codes of conduct for staff and volunteers
  • whether they’ve asked for any emergency contact details and sought consent for your child to take part

Remember, a good club will be happy to provide this information to you when asked and by making sure your child is safe in sport, you help to keep everyone safe.

Talk to your club about safeguarding

Parents in Sport Week 2020 is a great opportunity to start a conversation with your child’s coach or club about safeguarding.
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