1872 Perform online survey app

With Covid-19, health and safety is more important than ever on the golf course.  1872 Culture, have created an online survey app that can help golf clubs to analyse if their course is above or below par in the areas of course conditions, pace of play and covid-19 safety.

How it works:

It is an anonymous online survey which uses a longitudinal algorithm to analyse the answers and give your club a feedback score by your members. The survey is made up of 18 questions that are broken up into three groups:

  • The course conditions
  • Pace of play and
  • most importantly at the minute Covid-19 safety.

Each question is ranked on a points system from two (an eagle) to a six (a double bogey). Just like in golf you want the lowest overall score with 72 being par.

At a glance:

The par of the survey is 72. At a glance clubs can see if they are above or below par. Like in golf, a few under par is a great day, around par or one/ two over is a good effort but anything more is a disappointment and a definite need for improvement.

At a further look, clubs can look at their score in each of the three areas and see where they lie against a par score of 24 in each one. Anything less the 24 is great to see. The in depth details of the reports ensure that no area is disguised by another and that a club can see the true feedback which will highlight the areas for improvement. This will allow clubs to pinpoint and improve any potential problem areas before they arise or escalate.Advantages to clubs to use the survey:


“What gets measured gets done”. Instead of receiving informal feedback for example in the pro shop after the round, clubs can use this tool to help track their progress over time. Members will receive a text or email after their game of golf and give their feedback on the 18 questions, within three minutes.


This is a great marketing tool for clubs, both to their visitors and most importantly their members. With the staged comeback of golf throughout the country, there will still be a lot of caution around the older membership and those who are vulnerable in deciding if they want to return to the game. By tracking the data over a period of time, clubs can provide factual evidence, given by their member, to their members that they are a safe environment to be in.

It is members who are providing the honest feedback to the club as to whether or not they feel the club is dealing with and managing the Covid-19 challenge in a safe and efficient manner. The Covid-19 questions also ask how members feel the players, volunteers and staff are handling the challenge which will enable to club to track their progress and implement further changes if needed.

Over the last few months you can notice that the roads are starting to get busier and people are starting to get a bit more ‘relaxed’ about the situation. Now is not the time to slip back into old habits, it is a time for golf clubs and players to ensure that they are playing the game in a safe and responsible manner. Golf is in a privileged position to be one of the first sports to resume at this stage and it is up to us to demonstrate that we can do so in a safe and socially distant manner. Clubs can use the survey to their advantage to ensure that they are maintaining a high level, or below par, of safety during Covid 19, in addition to ensuring their members are happy with the course conditions and the pace of play.


The feedback is instant and clubs can access it at the end of every day.

Unlimited access:

Clubs can use the survey all day everyday. They can also analyse the results and feedback everyday/ every few days depending on their needs.

To find out more about 1872 perform visit their website or contact Fergal Brehony at: fergal.brehony@1872perform.com

If your club is interested to be one of 20 clubs to be involved in the free pilot click here to complete expression of interest form.

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