Our Fundraiser

With the ongoing pandemic, clubs cannot fundraise in their usual manner. Coming up with new or alternative ways to fundraise and engage their members is vitally important for golf clubs. Over the last number of weeks, we have ran a series of six pilot webinars with Our Fundraiser, an online weekly fundraising draw. 26 golf clubs across the country were involved in the pilot webinars, which provided them with information and the benefits of moving their club fundraiser online. We talked to Ryan Hoey from Our Fundraiser to find out more about it.

What is Our Fundraiser?

Many golf club’s in Ireland have seen their income fall and costs rise over the last number of years. The Covid-19 pandemic has only made the funding of clubs more difficult. Our Fundraiser is a simple online weekly fundraiser draw that allows golf clubs raise a high value of funds with no effort, which will help them through this difficult time and into the future.

What are the benefits to clubs moving their fundraiser online?

Using our online platform clubs can have their own weekly draw specific to their club in a way that requires no effort from the club. We manage all aspects of the setup and running of the weekly draw and communicate the results to all members. In these times of social distancing it allows clubs to increase their funding without physical contact with their members or having to organise events which now have a new level of uncertainty.

Is it easy to set up?

Starting your own fundraiser is as easy as 1,2,3. The club

  1. Sends us a photo of their club and a welcome message for their new fundraising site (an example of which can be seen here)
  2. Decides when they would like to launch
  3. Tells their members what a big difference they will make and send them an invite to join. We provide invite links to your fundraiser joining page together with exciting messages and you pick the ways to send them that suit your club e.g. email, Facebook.

What are the profits and costs involved?

A club can expect to raise approximately €10,000 per year for every 100 members that join their fundraiser after all costs and prizes. There are no upfront or flat fees for the clubs which makes it a risk-free fundraising solution. It is also a very reliable income stream which means that clubs can easily forecast their return when preparing their annual budgets.

What does the service fee cover?

The service fee covers all costs associated with running the service including designing, building, and hosting your own fundraising site, running the weekly draw, communicating with your members, merchant fees and much more.

How much work is needed by the club?

In designing the service our main priority was making sure there is no effort on behalf of the club and that is why we handle all the administration relating to the draw. We also send detailed governance packs to the club every month which keeps them informed as to how much money is being raised each week. All the club have to do is spread the word.

Is it easy for members to use?

It takes most members about 3 minutes to join. All they need is a phone number, a payment card and to pick their numbers.Once they have joined, they will receive a message every week telling them the winning numbers. This helps build a sense of community in the club as there is frequent discussion and banter about who has won that week.


How can my club join?

A club can join by calling Our Fundraiser on (01) 546 1131 or emailing support@ourfundraiser.ie . We will guide you through the short and simple steps required to launch their own fundraiser. We are here to help at any time.

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