How Safe is your child’s golf club?


Have the PGA professionals and volunteers completed garda vetting/ enhanced access NI check?

It is now mandatory for all those involved in any work or activity which is carried out by a person, on a continuous, regular and/ or ongoing basis with young people (U18) to complete a garda vetting/ enhanced access NI check.

Have all those working with juniors in the club completed the appropriate training?

All those working with juniors are required to complete a Safeguarding 1 basic awareness workshop. The Club Children’s Officer must attend Safeguarding 1, basic awareness workshop, and safeguarding 2, club children’s officer workshops. The Designated Liaison Person must attend safeguarding 1, basic awareness workshop, and safeguarding 3, designated liaison person workshop.

Have all juniors, parents, volunteers and PGA coaches signed the relevant code(s) of conduct?

All volunteers, coaches, juniors and parents should also sign the club’s codes of conduct annually.

Codes of conduct are an essential framework for staff and volunteer interactions with children with regard to support and supervision, training needs and disciplinary actions.

Does the club have a safeguarding policy?

Every golf club must have a safeguarding policy in place to safeguard children. It should be available for all members to read either in the club or the club’s website.

What happens if there’s an accident in the club?

Ask the club if they have a first aider. They should also have your contact details in case of an emergency.

Who can you and your child talk to if there is a problem?

Every golf club must appoint a Club Children’s Officer (CCO) and Designated Liaison Person (DLP). And their details should be promoted and displayed within the club so that juniors and adults know who to contact if they have a problem.

The appointment of the CCO is an essential element in the creation of a quality atmosphere. They act as a resource with regards to children’s issues. The club children’s officer role is to promote awareness of safeguarding guidelines in the golf club, check that all activities are safe and fun and inform adults of how to deal with any concerns that may arise in relation to the protection of children.

The DLP is responsible for ensuring that reporting procedures within an organisation are followed so that child welfare and protection concerns are referred promptly to the Statutory Authorities. The Designated Liaison Person should record all concerns or allegations of child abuse brought to his/her attention, and the actions taken following receipt of a concern or allegation of child abuse.

For full role description of CCO and DLP see our website.