Epsilon Golf Products- Personal Bunker Rake

The personal bunker rake was designed to ensure the safety of all members by using their own personal rake which will negate the need to handle any unnecessary equipment that could increase the risk of infection. We talked to Keith Saunderson from Epsilon Golf Products to find out more.

What is the personal bunker rake?

The personal bunker rake is a two in one device that acts as a rake and a ball retriever. The pole extends up to 15 foot and retracts to one meter so that it can fit neatly in the golf bag.

How did you come up with the idea?

I saw a swamp rake online one day and came up with the idea of creating a bunker rake from it.

Was it easy to design and manufacture?

The product is designed and manufactured in Ireland. We got in touch with two companies,  plastic moulding and engineering, who found it easy to design and manufacture the product for us. They come in a variety of colours, so if a club wants a specific colour to match their club colours we can do this.

Is it durable?

Yes, it is made from hardened recycled plastic which makes it very durable to withstand the Irish weather and the varying bunker conditions. 

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is very easy to use. The pole extends up to 15 foot and retracts to one meter. The rake head folds in place and is designed to stay in place while in use. After use the rake retracts to one meter.

Is it easy to carry around?

The pole is made of a lightweight aluminium which makes it easy to carry in a golf bag and weighs less than your average club. The rake head folds to the side and takes up little space in a golf bag.

What is the advantage of using it?

There are many advantages to using the personal bunker rake. Firstly, using the rake will assist the greenkeepers to maintain the standard of the course now that the traditional rakes have been removed. Many clubs that we have been talking to, incur additional greenkeepers expenses by having them work at weekends to rake the bunkers. This will help clubs reduce this cost.

Due to the on-going pandemic, rakes have been removed from bunkers. The personal rake will allow for these safe golf procedures to be adhered to but will also let golfers engage in the full range of golf undertakings including bunker shots. It will also ensure the safety of all members as using the personal rake will negate the need to handle any unnecessary equipment that could increase the risk of infection. 

Have you received much interest so far?

We have received interest from a number of countries worldwide including Scotland and the USA, but we want to ensure we look after our Irish customers first. 

To find out more about the personal bunker rake email epsilongolfproducts@yahoo.com or visit their website


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