The Putt Buddy

The Putt Buddy was designed to make retrieving the ball from the hole safer when golf returns after Covid-19. I talked to Conor O’Boyle from Drogheda who came up with the idea along with Shane Ennis.

What is the putt buddy?

The Putt Buddy has been designed to provide a simple effective solution to retrieving golf balls from the hole without placing hands near the hole, cup or flag pole. This aims to protect the golfer from COVID-19 contamination as well as protecting the green around the hole from retrieval damage. The metal Putt Buddy is designed to be robust in usage and remain centred on the pin to allow regulation clearance of the golf ball. It allows you to putt as normal and retrieve your ball safely. To retrieve your ball, you simply use your putter to lift the putt buddy lever and your ball then rolls onto the green where you can pick it up.


How did you come up with the idea?

Myself and Shane have a tech company in Dublin called sweep which is like a tinder for car sales, you swipe right for the cars you like and left for the cars you don’t like so you never have to see them again. We are both keen golfers and also have a company called carry, in which we go to clubs and members can sign up for a session where we give them their yardages using our trackman.

With lockdown, in the evenings and weekends we started looking online for ways in which we could help golf clubs when they re-open. We came across a similar concept online in the US, where they used plastic devices.

Did you find it easy to design and manufacture?

The one we saw online that is being used in the US was made from plastic and only came with a 60-day guarantee. We wanted to make sure our product would be durable in the ever-changing Irish weather and withstand heavy usage.

We approached a design engineer from TU Dublin to design the product. He doesn’t play golf before so we just explained what we wanted and he designed it. He had no preconceived ideas of what it looked like and we were delighted with the design he came up with.The metal is weather protected using an oven cured high quality zinc rich powder coating and then over-painted as standard in a high quality black powder coated gloss. The finished product will be black so it will blend nicely with the bottom of the flagstick and not stick out like an eye sore. We wanted to either do it right or not do it at all.



Is it easy to install?

Yes. Putt Buddy is very easy for anyone to install. It can be installed at the top of the pin or from the bottom. Either remove the flag and slide it down or remove the ferrule and slide it up. Putt buddy fits all pins that are up to a maximum of 5/8 inch in diameter.

What is the advantage of using a putt buddy?

It complies with R&A and USGA guidelines where the diameter of the pin can be no more that 19mm and have no cushioning effect. Putt buddy is 18mm in diameter and does not impede the ball entering the hole in any way. It is 16 inches long and the base where the ball rests is 3.75 inches in diameter and fits inside all standard 4.25 inch holes. It also saves the holes for greenkeepers as it will deter golfers from trying to take their ball out of the hole with the hand or the club and damaging the wall of the hole.



Have you received much interest so far?

Over 100 golf clubs have expressed an interest to us and we have 50 orders at the minute. We also have a number of orders from clubs in England & the US.

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