Golfing memories: How you got involved in golf…

During these difficult and uncertain times, many people are missing golfing on the fairways or keeping up to date with the latest pros in action. We wanted to take this opportunity to hear from the general golfing public and share some of their positive golfing stories. This week we wanted to share how you got involved in golf.

An individual trait about golf is that it can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Young and old, male and female, no matter what your ability, can all enjoy the game together. Many reflected how their family members got them involved in the game.

“Well my grandparents used to play a lot and my mom did too when she was young, so I said I would give it a try and I really liked it”.

“The golf course opened up down the road from us. My dad and brothers started to play so I was keen to see what the fuss was all about and I fell in love”.

You many know that golf has many physical benefits and burns more calories than you think. Playing an 18-hole round of golf burns at least 900 calories. It also combines all the known weight-loss benefits of walking combined with the toning and muscle strengthening benefits of swinging the clubs and carrying or pulling your golf bag. During the average game of golf you can walk up to five miles. With golf being quite a low-risk injury sport, it is also a great hobby to take up if you’ve acquired an injury.

“I was looking to play something else after having to retire from another sport through injury”.

Caption: Get into Golf participants receiving a few tips

One individual remarked how they felt like they were ‘one of the lucky ones’ as “I found I had time on my hands with my youngest child in school and working part time”.

Connacht Ladies interprovincial player Hilary Hall shares how she got involved at a very young age.“My father put a club in my hand when I was about 3! I would tag along with him and get the same number of shots as par. He would pick up the ball and off to the next hole we’d go”

While many take golf up at a young age while playing with family, it can be picked up at any age and also be re-visited after a break. “I started playing when my father joined Cill Dara golf club in the early 90’s. I took a small break and then re-joined in the last three years”.

This is the unique aspect of golf, “The basics will always remain the same and when you already have the clubs it is very easy to get back into the swing of things”.

This highlights the fact that golf truly is a game for life.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing stories on your favourite things about golf, your greatest golfing memories and what you miss most about golf at the minute. If you would like to share any of your golfing memories CLICK HERE.