Golf at Home

PGA Professional Michael Collins delivers junior coaching sessions in four golf clubs in Cork, Doneraile, Kanturk, Fermoy and Mitchelstown. Within days of lockdown, Michael was contacted by Bill Wade who is the junior convenor in Doneraile golf club and asked if he would do up some videos to share amongst their juniors to help practice their golf at home. With great volunteers and junior officers working in the clubs all year around, Michael was delighted to get on board and help them anyway he could to keep the juniors involved.

“We want to keep golf on their minds and know that we are still thinking of them and hoping they are ok during this strange time”.

So far Michael has shared seven videos with the four clubs. He works closely with the dedicated volunteers in each club who then share the videos amongst their juniors. To get things going Michael shared 2-3 videos a week. The videos cover a variety of areas including, two putting videos, focusing on pace and line putting and two warm up videos which highlight the importance of being ready to play and are also a great way to exercise at home. “The videos are all using items that can be found around your house or in your golf bag such as tees and soft balls, so that no matter what space you have, you can still make the most of It and practice your golf”.

“As I work regularly with the juniors in all clubs I have also done up a routine video so that they can work on this from home and be ready for when the golfing season gets underway”.

The first swing video was sent out a few days ago and Michaels has plans to share a video a week to keep the juniors engaged and interested in golf for the duration of the pandemic. “We want to be consistent and ensure the juniors are still practicing during their time at home so that when courses open up again that they will be ready to go out and enjoy their golf”.

With around 250 juniors ranging from 8-18 years old across the four clubs, the feedback has been positive from both the juniors and the parents. It is great to see that the parents are also getting involved and it is a nice way to spend time with the family.

Michael has great assistance from his seven year old son Mikey helping him demonstrate in the videos like the warm up below.