Covid-19 Get into Golf Programme updates

Further to the previous advice circulated in relation to upcoming Get into Golf Programmes. Due to the incline in cases over the past few days we would now strongly recommend postponing these programmes if they were due to commence in April.


Insights over the past six years have shown that the success of the Women’s Get into Golf programme for Golf Clubs has been the social element including the group lessons and social activities afterwards which would be near impossible to achieve with the current restrictions in place.

We do not believe a scaled back version will work for women however, if clubs would like to still go ahead we would ask that you follow the guidelines provided by the government in relation to social distancing and your PGA Professional reads the following guidelines:

For those who are looking to postpone, please do not become disheartened, we know how much work your clubs have put in to prepare for the programme, but this preparation will not go to waste as it will be invaluable when you advertise again.

It is still early in the season; therefore, we hope that in time we will be able to support you to deliver programmes in May/ June.

Keep an eye on our social media over the coming weeks as we will be sharing ideas on how to keep signed up participants engaged during these difficult times.

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