Let’s celebrate parents in sport

The CPSU has launched the Sports Parents Promise for Parents in Sports week 2019

A national awareness raising campaign, Parents in Sport Week is a chance to showcase your organisation or club’s creativity and build positive relationships withparents and carers.

Parents in Sport Week 2019 is a time to celebrate positive parental involvement in youth sport. With the introduction of the Sports Parents Promise this year, we’re encouraging all parents to get involved and make sure their child has a safe and enjoyable experience of sport.


The NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) has launched the Sports Parents Promise as part of its annual awareness raising campaign, Parents in Sport Week. The Promise outlines all the ways in which parents can be the best sports parents they can be, by ensuring their child has safe and enjoyable experiences of sport.

Parents can make the Promise online and, in return, they’ll be directed to vital information about how to keep their child safe in sport. They can also download a certificate of their own to share on social media or print out and stick up on the fridge.

Show your child you support them taking part in sport by making the Promise at https://thecpsu.org.uk/parentspromise and spread the word on social media using the hashtag #SportsParents.

If you’re a sports club, talk to parents in your sport and encourage them to make the Promise today.

Download the below posters to share awareness of the #SportsParents promise.

How have sports involved parents?

Involving parents in your club’s activities can have a number of positive benefits for your sport, the children taking part and parents too.

The NSPCC have spoken to some sport organisations about how they involved parents in last year’s campaign and about some work that is already taking place for this year.


Here are some useful ideas for how your club could involve and communicate with parents for Parents in Sport Week (7-13 October 2019).

  • include parents in club decisions – such as choosing new kits, practice time
  • develop parents resources – such as posters or flyers to display or hand out
  • create resources to share on social media, using the hashtag #SportsParents
  • build a relationship with parents, listen to their concerns, feedback or suggestions
  • host a parents evening, session or webinar to update parents about their child’s development and promote positive parents involvement in sport


If your club has involved parents in an innovative way please get in touch and share what you’ve done and how this helped your club, young people and parents.