Westport Golf Club – Insomniacs Golf Challenge

Westport golf club are running an Insomniacs Golf Challenge this Saturday 15th June at 4.45am. We talked to this years organiser Enda Lonergan to find out more about the event.


What is involved in the Challenge?

The competition is an 18 hole 3/4 person Scramble. There will be a Klaxon start at 4.45am and all participants must arrive no later that 4.15. The idea of the event is just to have fun early in the morning and enjoy seeing all the wildlife which is abundant around the course whilst playing golf.

Who came up with the idea?

The event has been running under various forms for about 15 years at the club, but I recall first playing in it about 12 years ago. It used to be a cancer care fundraiser, but for three of the last four years I have run it as a Junior Golf fundraiser and this year specifically Junior Girls Golf.

What are the funds being raised for?

All of the proceeds raised will go towards our Golf4Girls4Life Programme. Last Summer Westport golf club had only 5 junior girls members and after a successful recruitment at the end of 2018 we began 2019 with 40 girls.

Who can get play? 

We are expecting in the region of 25-30 players, but the weather will dictate it really. Absolutely anyone can play, whether or not you have a handicap or are a member of a club. It’s a great way for both young and old, boys and girls to play together in this fun format. Visitors and individuals are all welcome and can come along themselves and will be allocated a team on the day.

How can someone get involved?

We would appreciated if anyone who is looking to play to let us know in advance. You can email your interest to info@westportgolfclub.ie or phone 09828262