Craddockstown Golf Club – Course Blog March 2019

Contributed By: Tom Carew, Course Superintendent

The months of January and February were certainly very dry in Craddockstown Golf Club. Soil Temperatures were way up, meaning all sections of the golf course were been cut more often than previous winters.  Greens were been cut 3 times a week and Tee boxes and fairways were been cut every 10 days. With the weather been so good, the golf course was certainly getting a lot of wear and tear. Ropes and hoops were placed on some holes to protect collars and approaches, unfortunately, golfers are like sheep and like to take the shortest route possible!

Good soil temperatures certainly helping our new grow in on the 4th fairway

Most of the tee boxes were also rested, with tees placed on the rough or on some winter tee boxes. In Craddockstown we have a lot of small tee boxes, so it is inevitable that we rest them in January and February.  We place some of the tee markers in the rough as our members do not like winter tee mats!

With the weather so good in February, we decided to carry out some spring renovations work on our greens. 15 of the greens were topdressed and then solid tined with 12mm tines at a spacing of 2.5cm. We then overseeded the greens in a number of directions and then dragged the seed into the holes with a drag matt. The greens were then topdressed again and dragged in once more.  A week later we went over the greens with a sorrel roller and topdressed with sand once again. This sand was dragged in for the last time. The greens were then rolled with a tru-turf roller. We have been overseeding our greens with fescue seed for the last 3 years. We overseed at high rates.  The fruits of our labour are starting to show now and in time our greens will improve even more. Fescue is a slow-growing grass so it does take time to establish.

Green topdressed followed by a solid tine

The other 5 greens on the course were overseeded twice this winter. As we have 3 holes closed because of construction work we decided to do extra overseeding on these holes. This was carried out in November and February. These greens were overseeded with a machine called a vreedo, it is a disc overseeder that puts the seed into the green in a linear manner. Again this was carried out in a number of directions.  In total, we have 1.3 hectares of greens area.

Greens overseeded with the blec, this seed was then matted into the holes! And topdressed
We used a sorrel roller a week later too push in anymore seed followed by another topdress!

The tee boxes were also solid tined with 12mm tines attached to a pro-core and topdressed with sand. The sand was then dragged into the crown of the grass plant.  We have 55 tee boxes on the course. So it does take some time to carry out our maintenances process on greens and tees. The tee boxes were then fertilised with a slow release fertiliser.

The end of March the greens recovered very well!

Other areas where we carried out work in January and February

  • Tree pruning and tree removal on some holes
  • Fairway widening and fairway realignment
  • Fairways were all divoted in February