The impact of gender equality

Case Study – Vision 50/50 Policy (Swedish Golf Federation, 2017)

Sourced from; R&A Women’s and Girls’ Charter.

The Swedish Golf Federation’s (SGF) vision 50/50 policy seeks to promote gender equality in golf. A key part of this strategy is to increase the number of women in decision making roles in the SGF and, as a result, make golf more attractive to female players. Sweden’s participation levels remain amongst some of the healthiest, with approximately 500,000 members of the SGF, more than 5% of Sweden’s entire population. Women golfers account for 26% of Sweden’s golfing population, with 123,427 regular players (SMS, 2017). Levels of female employment in the wider golf industry is higher than in many other countries, however, remains low in comparison to other professions in Sweden. Research shows that, in 2016, females made up 17% of club managers, 10% of chair persons, and 9% of Professional Golf Association (PGA) professionals – which has been reflected in increasing external pressures regarding gender equality creates demands from business, sponsors, media, politicians and general public, (SGF, 2017). In 2013 the SGF introduced the vision 50/50 policy, with the aim of increasing the number of female golfers by 10,000 before the year 2020, with the longer-term goal of achieving equal boards, election committees, and overall participation levels. It is hoped this will lead to a measurable improvement in women’s experience of golf. The SGF have employed several tools to achieve these aims, including a positive social media campaign and introduction of a new magazine, ‘Golfnttan’, targeted at female golf prospective players. The SGF have also launched a digital education system to support golf clubs in improving gender equality roles. Clubs are certified through this process.