Craddockstown Golf Club – Course Blog November 2018

Contributed By: Tom Carew, Course Superintendent

Autumn time in Craddockstown  Golf Club was certainly a very busy. Thankfully the weather was ideal.  Soil temperatures were up which meant some growth and recovery on weak areas after the drought of last summer.  We got very little frost, which was a great plus from a golfing point of you. As we play temporary greens during heavy frost.

As the leaves began to fall, leaf collection and blowing was carried out on a daily basis.  Having tree-lined fairways and rough, some areas on the course can be difficult to maintain especially on windy days. During these few weeks, we were totalling around 150 man hours a week on leaves. Be it blowing greens, tees, fairways and collecting by hand or mowing.

It can be amusing when some people who do not understand our work say” things will quieten down for you now that the grass stops growing”.

Over the last two months, we have worked on a few key areas

  • Leaf collection
  • De-compacting/Aeration on fairways
  • Aeration on walkways
  • Sanding of known wet areas
  • Paths re-gritted and tidied (ongoing)
  • Re-turfing some tees
  • Solid tining of tees and sanding
  • Solid tining of Approaches and sanding(ongoing)
  • Verti-draining( ongoing)
  • All of the fairways were shockwaved in the October/November


As mentioned in the very first blog we have been overseeding our greens with fescue over the last few years. While it is a slow and difficult process the new grasses were very evident this autumn on the greens.


On the 16th hole we have reduced the area on greenside bunkers and improved the drainage these areas will be re-turfed as you can see below:


As growth rates reduced and recovery is slower on playing areas, the heights of cut on all areas of the course have been increased.

Greens   5.5mm

Tees        12mm

Fairways   20mm

Approaches  12mm

While December has started off very wet let’s hope we don’t get too much rain and the greenkeepers around Ireland can enjoy the Christmas period after a very difficult year!

Happy Christmas!