IGCMA Celebrates 50 Years As An Association

Founded in 1968, as the Irish Association of Golf Club Secretaries, by the then Secretary Manager of Woodbrook G.C., Gerry Bambrick, the IAGCS merged with the Irish Region of CMAE to become the Irish Golf & Club Managers Association in 2010.  On October 4 last,  in Milltown Golf Club, the IGCMA celebrated 50 years as an association representing Club Managers from all types of clubs in Ireland. President Michael Moss MBE welcomed 19  past presidents, along with the President of the GUI and ILGU to the celebratory dinner. With a large attendance of club managers, leading Club industry figures and club officials, the night was an unparalleled success. Gary Murphy and Des Scahill entertained the crowd with golfing stories and anecdotes and President Michael Moss made presentations to Milltown’s long-serving maitre’d Peter Kirby and to Helen Fullen, who was the founding CEO of the Club Managers Association of Europe.

Pic shows

 Back Row(LtoR) Michael F. Walsh CCM IGCMA 2013 and CMAE Irish Region 2006-2008;Jim Ironside IAGCS 2008;John Quigley IAGCS 2007;Hilary Madden IGCMA 2010-2011; Derek Williamson IAGCS 1996; Ronan Smyth CCM IGCMA 2012; Declan Monaghan  CMAE Irish Region 2009;Alan Threadgold CCM IGCMA 2014;Donal Flinn IAGCS 2005; Michael Delaney IAGCS 2003: Matt Sands IAGCS 2004, IGCMA 2015; Hubert Montag IAGCS 1990; Patrick Bradshaw CCM CMAE Irish Region  2003-2006;

Front(LtoR) Henry Crummy IAGCS 2001; Brian Carson IAGCS 2002; Eddie Fallon IAGCS 2000; John McLoughney, GUI President 2018; Vonnie Noonan ILGU President 2018; Michael Moss MBE IGCMA President 2018 IAGCS 1991; Larry Hayes IAGCS 1988; Declan Mangan IAGCS 2009.

The Event was kindly supported by Dar Construction, BRS Golf Now, Textron Ltd and Premium Credit.