CGI & GCSAI – Working Together To Promote Golf Course Awareness

The Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI)  and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Ireland (GCSAI) have come together to create a strategy that aims


to grow awareness and showcase best practices of golf course related issues to golf club stakeholders across Ireland.

The strategy will see a strengthened communication framework, that will include shared social media campaigns, a dedicated course information section on the CGI website, good practice case studies on a range of topics,  promotion of best practice resources by the CGI Club Support Teams dealing with management committees and targeted educational events including GCSAI.

CGI and GCSAI are actively pursuing golf clubs and greenkeepers that are willing to share their experiences across some of the following themes:

  • Climate Change
  • Drainage Issues & Consequences
  • Extreme Weather Events & Consequences
  • Pest & Disease Management & Consequences
  • Extended growth and drought periods & Consequences
  • Legislative Change
  • Greens Management Strategies
  • Nutritional Management Strategies
  • Weed Management Strategies
  • Resource Planning
  • Benefits of planning for Machinery replacement and maintenance
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Course Management
  • Using Divot Bags & the benefits
  • Course Tree surveys & the benefits
  • Environmental & Sustainability Management & the benefits (water Mgt/wildflower areas/habitat Mgt)

Clubs and greenkeepers should contact Damien from CGI at or Damian form GCSAI at for the chance to be featured as one of the case studies.


“The CGI is delighted to have formed a close working relationship with the GCSAI and are excited to improve the awareness of club committees and members about their golf course and how they can work with their greenkeepers to implement a sustainable course plan and encourage best practices.”

Anne McCormack – Project Manager, CGI


“The GCSAI and CGI have collaborated on education projects over the past number of years, and we are excited to take that relationship to the next level. The biggest asset of any club is the course, and this engagement program is a huge step forward in education for clubs. “

Damian McLaverty – General Manager, GCSAI