CGI Club Support in Ulster and Munster

The Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI) is delighted to continue offering vital Club Support to golf clubs throughout Ireland via the dedicated Club Support Team of Neil Kilgallon, Damien Connolly and Rory Leonard.   Applications for Club Support from CGI are now LIVE in Ulster and Munster. As we are currently at capacity in Connacht and Leinster, we are operating an expression of interest form:

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Support for clubs is a combination of consultancy, online assessments, workshop and guidance from the local club support officer along with access to a bank of templates and resources and cover a wide range of core business areas including Governance, Finance, Planning and Membership Development.

Descriptions of each core area can be found below:

Governance Health Check
‘Best Practice’, ‘Fit for Purpose’, ‘Good Governance’; business buzz words or how you run your club?  If it is the former, then it is time to educate yourself and your club on the importance of Club Governance and how to run their club in a more business-like manner. The Governance Health Check is the first step to empowering success and innovation at your club in conjunction with the CGI.

At the end of the process with CGI your club will have:
1.     Completed a Governance assessment
2.     Received a report with suggested recommendations

Governance Support
Having identified the current practices in place after the Governance Health Check, the focus will shift to steering your club towards a more in-depth level of support from CGI towards creating a ‘fitter for purpose’ business and help build sustainability for the golf club moving forward.

At the end of the process with CGI your club will have:
1.     Conducted an on-site and in-depth review with a CGI Club Support Officer
2.     Received a detailed Governance Support Report with a range of recommendations
3.     A clear roadmap towards creating a more effective and sustainable governance and management structure

Membership Development
Our Membership Development offering, centres on the combined efforts of both recruiting new members and maintaining the existing members of the club – this is done through effective retention. Working on both these areas will give clubs a full strategy on Membership Development. This will lead to a targeted approach in both areas supported by a customer service focus, marketing, communication and pricing proposals.

At the end of the process with CGI your club will have:
1.     Reviewed the current recruitment and retention practices
2.     Provide recommendations/actions based on best practice advice
3.     Support the clubs to create a programme that is suitable and specific to the club’s needs

Financial Benchmarking
This is for clubs that are looking for structured benchmark information regarding their financial performances against other similar sized clubs.

At the end of the process with CGI your club will have:
1. Completed a Financial Benchmarking assessment
2. Received a series of financial, income generation, cost management and funding recommendations
3. A more informed financial perspective on how your club compares to similar clubs
4. Identified business and financial priorities

Club Planning
A key step for any club on the road to success is the recognition for the need to develop and implement a medium to long-term plan.  This plan will identify a vision and purpose, strategies and set out various objectives and initiatives to be achieved. It can be a short-term business or operational plan (up to 12 Months) or a longer-term Strategic Plan (3-5 Years). CGI will provide support to you from initial consultation through to the drafting of a club plan.

At the end of the process with CGI your club will have:
1. Completed a Planning assessment
2. Received club planning templates/guides and a series of recommendations
3. Created a planning working group with CSO support
4. Reviewed current and past trends and conducted a number of business exercises
5. Identified your clubs vision, purpose, values and core priorities
6. Supported a working group towards drafting a club strategic or business plan for approval
7. Communicated your plan to the membership and staff
8. Started to implement the club plans

These supports, in line with the success of the online application process for the Get into Golf programmes, can now be applied for online (Link Below). Your application is treated in the strictest confidence and support will be provided to clubs on a first come first served basis. Club Supports are available to clubs on a no-cost basis, funded publicly and by the Governing Bodies.

Munster & Ulster Clubs – APPLY HERE

Leinster & Connacht Clubs – EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST HERE